Published December 15, 1997
Volume 5, Number 12

Documentum Leading Holiday Food Drive with 100,000 Pound Donation

The Documentum server engineering and technical publications groups alone accounted for 30,000 pounds of food.

With a total almost five times larger than their donation last year, Documentum has raised an astonishing 100,000 pounds of food for the Alameda County Community Food Bank as part of this year's Hacienda Holiday Food Drive, which runs through December 31.

This year, Hacienda is joining in a competition with Harbor Bay and Marina Village business parks in Alameda to see which park can raise the most food on a per person basis. Also, the Hacienda company that raises the most food and money will win the Hacienda Full Plate Travelling Trophy, currently held by Documentum. 

Documentum Raises the Bar
Documentum's 100,000 pounds of food was collected in just five days as the company pitted employee groups against each other in an internal competition. 

"Everybody has so much fun with it," says Brendan Shea, Documentum's food drive coordinator. "The competition is really just fun and friendly and it goes to a good cause." 

The competition is extensive, however. Teams spy on each other, watching to see how much will have to be donated to win the contest. To keep the groups from waiting until the last possible moment to make their donations, and thus leave no time for competing groups to respond, Documentum's managers structured the drive to honor daily winners as well. The grand prize this year was a catered lunch, served by Documentum executives. 

Many Hacienda Participants
This year, 31 Hacienda companies are participating in the Holiday Food Drive, an increase over 22 participants last year. 

There's still time to sign up! For more information on participating in this year's food drive, call Kristine Jayne or Steve Landale at the Alameda County Community Food Bank, (510) 568-3663. Infor mation is also available at the Hacienda Owners Association, (510) 734-6500. 


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