Published January 20, 1998
Volume 6, Number 1

Hacienda Index to Track Local Stock Prices

(As part of Hacienda Network's expansion, we are introducing the Hacienda Index, a fun way to track Hacienda's presence in the stock markets. Our continuing thanks go out to Marion Steward, who has created and will maintain the index.

We've attempted to list all of the publicly owned companies which have stocks traded on an exchange. However, with today's corporate ownership structures, we may have missed a few among the almost 500 businesses in Hacienda. If your company—or even your parent company—is publicly traded and not listed here, please call us at 734-6540 and tell us your company name, the stock symbol, and the exchange, and we'll add it to the index. —Editor)

Welcome to the Hacienda Index. The index is based on an arithmetic average of all of Hacienda's publicly traded companies listed on an exchange.

An arithmetic average is the same technique used to compile the Dow Jones Industrials average. This means stock price movement of all companies will have the same effect on the index, no matter how big or small the company.

Our beginning index value is 1000 as of January 1, 1998. We will use the published stock price as of the last trading day of each month to compute the change in the index. The new index value will be reported as of the first of each month.

In subsequent months, we will include a graph tracking the Index.

Each line of the listings on the Index contains the following information: 
Symbol (Sym)—the symbol under which the stock is traded, such as MATR for Matria Healthcare or T for AT&T.
Exchange (X)—the exchange on which the stock is traded. We've abbreviated these as follows:

O—OTC (Over the Counter)

Company (Co.)—The company, or in some cases the parent company, traded. 
Price—The price as of the close of the last trading day of the previous month. 
Change—The change from last month's price to this month's price.

The index will be updated every month and published in Hacienda Network as well as here on the web. Here's the current month's values:

January Index

Current Value=1,000

Symbol Exchange Company Price Change
AKLM Q Acclaim/Lazer-Tron 3.62 --
AMR N American Airlines 128.50 --
AXP N American Express 89.25 --
AXE N Anixter 16.50 --
AJG N Arthur J. Gallagher 34.44 --
T N AT&T 61.31 --
ONE N BANC One 54.31 --
BGP N Borders 31.31 --
CRE N CarrAmerica 46.25 --
POS N Catalina Marketing 46.25 --
CBG N CB Commercial Real Estate 32.18 --
CMB N Chase Mortgage 108.88 --
C N Chrysler 35.18 --
CC N Circuit City 35.56 --
COGNF Q Cognos Corporation 23.00 --
CHRI Q COHR Inc. 12.75 --
HMT N Courtyard by Marriott 19.63 --
MALL Q Creative Computer 9.94 --
DCTM Q Documentum 42.13 --
DRYR Q Dreyer's Ice Cream 24.13 --
FDX N Federal Express 61.06 --
FLM N Fleming Co. 13.44 --
F N Ford Motor Credit 48.56 --
ROP N Gatan Inc. 28.25 --
NOC N Grumman/Northrop 115.00 --
GST A GST Telecom 11.88 --
GTE N GTE 52.25 --
HRB N H&R Block 44.81 --
HWP N Hewlett-Packard 62.38 --
HXL N Hexcel Corporation 24.94 --
IMPX Q IMP, Inc. 0.69 --
JCP N JC Penney 60.31 --
FORMF Q Jet Form Corporation 15.13 --
KELYA Q Kelly Temporary 30.19 --
KRON Q Kronos 30.81 --
LNC N Lincoln National Life 78.13 --
LIN N Linen 'N Things 43.63 --
LBFC Q Long Beach Mortgage 11.63 --
LU N Lucent 79.88 --
MATR Q Matria Healthcare 5.63 --
MCCRK Q McCormick & Co. 28.00 --
MCLL Q Metrocall Paging 4.94 --
MONE Q Money Store 21.00 --
NRL N Norrell Services 19.88 --
NOV N NovaCare 13.13 --
PAC_pt N Pacific Telesis 25.44 --
PAYX Q Paychex Inc. 50.63 --
PSS N Payless Shoe 67.13 --
PSFT Q PeopleSoft 39.00 --
PRBZ Q ProBusiness 22.88 --
PHM N Pulte Home 31.81 --
RMDY Q Remedy Corporation 21.00 --
REMX Q Remedy Temp 19.38 --
REY N Reynolds & Reynolds 18.44 --
RHI N Robert Half International 40.00 --
S N Sears Homelife Furniture 45.25 --
SSD N Simpson Manufacturing 33.94 --
FON N Sprint PCS 58.63 --
SR N Standard Register 34..75 --
SPLS Q Staples 27,75 --
SBUX Q Starbucks 38.38 --
SFITX Q State Farm Insurance 9.88 --
SUNW Q Sun Microsystems 39.88 --
TAN N Tandy Service 38.56 --
TBY N TCBY Yogurt 7.56 --
TAVI Q Thorn Apple Valley 14.50 --
TA N Transamerica 106.50 --
USEC Q Universal Instruments .72 --
VST N Vanstar 11.31 --
VOLVY Q Volvo 27.00 --
WMT N Wal-Mart 39.44 --
WFC N Wells Fargo 339.44 --
WY N Weyerheuser Realty 49.06 --
XRX N Xerox 73.88 --
YESS Q Yes! Entertainment 1.84 --
ZNT N Zenith Insurance 25.75 --

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