Published January 20, 1998
Volume 6, Number 1

New Chief Helps Hacienda Security Program Offer 24-Hour Support

Hacienda is starting off 1998 with a new lead security officer, Bill Reinhart. The Hacienda security program, which is active 24 hours a day, each day of the year, serves a number of functions on the park. 

A Unique Position 

ReinhartReinhart, who recently spent six years in a similar position at the Moraga Country Club, is not your typical security officer. 

A former Marine, Reinhart served in the Korean War and attended the University of Colorado on the GI Bill, where he received a B.A. in philosophy, history, and English literature. He spent over 15 years with Xerox, then jumped to a Boulder, Colorado company that began the first software-based word processing system, called NBI. 

"I was a member of their senior management team as sales grew from about $400,000 to $35 million in four years," he says. "After that, I kind of retired." 

He began security work because it fit in well with the rest of his interests. "The hours, the lack of homework, and being outdoors made it fun for me," he says. 

It also allows him to devote time to writing short stories, essays, and poetry. His work has been published, including a story entitled, "Can a Fish Forget?" in the Promising Waters collection by Jim Grassi (Harvest House Publishers). 

"It's very important to me that I'm helping people," he adds. "I like being involved."

Security with an Eye for Detail
There are plenty of things to be involved with on the Hacienda security patrol. 

"The Hacienda post is a minutely detailed type of job for a security force," he says. 

Their main purpose is to help deter crime by being highly visible. Routine security duties maximize visibility through a combination of stationary and mobile patrols covering the entire park. 

Security officers are also available to park tenants and businesses to help with nuisance issues, suspicious activities, and personal assistance. 

Hacienda's security officers also serve as a liaison with the designated security coordinator in each business. 

Reaching a security officer is easy. Simply call the Security Hotline number, 734-6520, and leave a message when prompted. A security officer is paged and will return your officer within a few minutes. 

More Security Materials 
The Hacienda Owners Association offers a variety of other security materials as well. Tenants may order at no cost any of the following:

  • Contacting security flier;
  • Security Program Information;
  • Supplemental Security flier; 
  • Emergency Numbers list;
  • Emergency Procedures manual. 

To receive any of these materials, call the Security Hotline at (510) 734-6552 or use the online Security Information order form.


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