Published December 22, 1998
Volume 6, Number 12


County Connection Offers Another Option for Commuters

Route 121

Additional bus service serving San Ramon, Danville, and Alamo is available. The County Connection's route 121 makes 30 trips each weekday between the Walnut Creek BART station and the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station in Hacienda. 

The route makes 10 stops enroute, including pick-ups in Danville, San Ramon, and Dublin. County Connection routes 960 and 970 also offer service in the area. 

Commuters who switch from private automobiles to use the service may also be entitled to additional incentives through the Tr@ks program, which gives complimentary transit passes to college students or workers who commute to or through Contra Costa County as an incentive to get them to try transit. Call (925) 671-5250 for further details, or access their web site at www.traks.org.

For additional information and schedules, contact County Connection at (925) 676-7500 or the Hacienda Owners Association at (925) 734-6500.  


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