Published January 19, 1999
Volume 7, Number 1

Tri-Valley Herald's Book Bucks Program Returns

The Tri-Valley Herald's family reading program, Book Bucks, returns for its fifth consecutive year from February 1 through 5. 

The program encourages students to read the newspaper along with their parents in pursuit of "Book Bucks," coupons which they earn via their participation. At the conclusion of the program, a catalog is distributed featuring prizes donated by local businesses which may be received in exchange for the Book Bucks coupons. 

This year, the event's theme is "NewsLaunch," a space-related theme that promises travel to Logisticus, the geography planet, as well as other spots in the learning universe. 

Each day, newspapers are distributed in the classroom and assignments are made that include parent participation. Completing the assigned work wins Book Bucks for students. 

Sponsorship opportunities are available in both underwriting the costs of donated newspapers and in providing goods for redemption with Book Bucks coupons.

For more information on this year's program, contact Michael Dullaghan of the Tri-Valley Herald at (925) 730-3330. 

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