Published February 16, 1999
Volume 7, Number 2

1st United Services Credit Union Opens New Headquarters, Branch

1st United Services Credit Union
The new 1st USCU building will house the organization's corporate headquarters and their Pleasanton branch. 

1st United Services Credit Union, an organization with over 51,000 members and assets of $337 million, has opened its new corporate headquarters and Pleasanton branch at 5901 Gibraltar Drive. 

"Building this facility allows us the opportunity not only for further expansion, but also to better serve our entire branch network," says John Salle, president and CEO of the credit union. 

A Long Local History
The organization was founded in 1932 as a credit union for Alameda County employees and quickly expanded its charter to serve employees of cities and school districts within the county. 

The company now serves a long list of local businesses as well, but the original focus is maintained. 

"Still, the credit union is primarily a public service employee group," says Salle. "But we've added more and more companies that are looking for high-tech services." 

A Full Menu of Services
One of the 200 largest credit unions in the nation, 1st USCU provides a full menu of services, including a variety of loans such as home equity lines of credit and mortgage loans; money market accounts; and more. 

In fact, 1st USCU was one of the first 40 credit unions in the country that provided home banking services over the Internet.

"We don't necessarily want to be the trail blazers, but when our members indicate a need for a service, we jump right on it and try to meet their needs," says Salle. "We're very responsive to what our membership feels they need to conduct their financial affairs." 

The company's top priority is service. 

"We firmly believe in personal service," he says. "That's why we have 14 branches, which is a lot for an organization our size. We try to be convenient for our membership." 

The credit union's management and financial stability is strong as well. Industry analysts at Bauer Financial Reports have awarded 1st USCU a 5-star, superior rating for the last four reporting periods. 

Additional Information
For more information on 1st USCU, contact David Wood at (510) 265-2615 or access their web site


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