Published April 20, 1999
Volume 7, Number 4

Chamber's "Leadership Pleasanton" Offers Insights to Future Leaders

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce is looking for a few great leaders to participate in Leadership Pleasanton, a program sponsored by the chamber and the City of Pleasanton. Now in its 11th year, this highly acclaimed program has produced over 200 business and community leaders. 

The year-long program is designed to identify emerging leaders from all areas of the community and to inform and motivate them to enhance their future effectiveness and willingness to serve. The program acquaints participants with community needs and issues and explores alternatives for dealing with these challenges. 

Each session offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with current experts, decision-makers, and other leaders of the community on a broad variety of topics. 

The program is unique in that the information imparted doesn't come from textbooks but instead from people already active in the community. Each month, experts share their knowledge, covering themes such as health and human services, business and economic issues, police and judicial services, transportation, cultural arts, local government, media, and education. 

All sessions are designed to be highly interactive, stimulating, and thought provoking. Monthly sessions are held in locations appropriate to the topic and led by individuals who utilize a combination of group exercises, panel discussions, field trips, and guest presentations. 

"The real strength of the program is the quality of its participants their diversity, leadership potential, and commitment to both the community and to learning," explains Joan Leighty of the Pleasanton Chamber. "Participants represent both the public and private sectors and civic and community organizations in our area."

Anyone interested in taking a more active role in the community and learning how the city operates is encouraged to join. Enrollment is now open for the next session, which begins in September. To obtain an application, contact Leighty at the Chamber at (925) 846-5858 or via e-mail at joan@pleasanton.org


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