Published April 20, 1999
Volume 7, Number 4

Hacienda Offers a Variety of Home-Buying Resources for

First-Time, Experienced Buyers

As communities go, Pleasanton is top notch. With an excellent school system, incomparable parks and recreation opportunities, and a location central to all of the Bay Area, the quality of life here is unsurpassed.

For many, the best way to complement working in Pleasanton is living here. A short commute saves financial and natural resources and gives added flexibility in scheduling activities outside work.

For anyone planning on buying a home in the area, Hacienda is the place. With brokers, relocation services, mortgage lenders, and more, the park offers all the resources a first-time or experienced homebuyer could want. 

Brokers, Lenders, and More
Hacienda has a wide variety of choices for homebuyers. The park is home to four brokers, all of which offer additional services to simplify the home-buying process. 

Real Estate Resources

For instance, all four — Coldwell Banker, Dutra Realty Enterprises, RE Realty Experts, and the Real Estate Superstore — offer relocation services, either through an affiliated company or as an in-house service. These services aid those involved in job-related transfers, offering community orientation services and more. 

The four firms also offer mortgage lending services, through both affiliated and wholly-owned organizations. Coldwell-Banker is currently offering a program called "Phone In Move In," where potential buyers can call (888) 281-9195 and be prequalified for a new home loan or refinance in 15 minutes. Dutra Realty offers financing through its AmeriCal Mortgage subsidiary, RE Realty Experts through its wholly-owned Direct Source Funding, and Real Estate Superstore offers mortgage lending through Home Mortgage Superstore, located on site.

While the four companies all offer complete services, the approach they take sometimes differs. For example, Real Estate Superstore offers a wealth of information on the community, including floor plans for most of the subdivisions in the Pleasanton area. The firm also offers a range of services for sellers, with brokerage fees discounted depending on the level of support required. 

Potential homebuyers will want to check out the new RE Realty Experts website at www.realtyexperts.com, which is scheduled to make its debut this month. The site will offer an opportunity to view listings at any time, from the comfort of your own PC. 

Living in Hacienda Gives the Best Commute

Looking to cut down on your commute time? Consider moving to Hacienda. 

The park offers a variety of housing stock, ranging from townhouses and single-family homes to apartments. In fact, nearly 1,000 units have been built in the park to date, and that number will increase substantially with the opening of Archstone Hacienda (see story, page 3). 

Signature Properties built four different housing projects in the park, starting in 1993 with its Verona townhomes. Other projects Valencia, Siena, and Avila included two- to five-bedroom homes as well as two- to four-bedroom townhomes. 

Though the projects have all sold out, the properties are sometimes available on the resale market. Check with any of the brokers mentioned to determine availability. 

For those interested in renting, Springhouse Apartments offers junior one bedroom and one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as one- and two-bedroom townhouses. Sizes range from 570 to 990 square feet for the apartments and 750 to 1015 square feet for the townhouses. 

Springhouse offers amenities including an exercise room, a sauna, three spas, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. Many units have fireplaces as well. Call (925) 847-9438 for information. 

Dutra Realty is no stranger to innovation, either. The independent company, now ranked 83rd nationally with a sales volume of over $1 billion in 1998, will be adding 40 to 60 new agents this year as it expands into Contra Costa and San Joaquin counties. Dutra Realty will be adding an insurance division in 1999 as well. 

Hacienda is also home to a long list of mortgage lenders, title companies, and other home-buying services. It's the place for one-stop shopping.

CASA Helps First-Time Buyers
For first-time buyers, the City of Pleasanton, Tracy Federal Bank, and Northbay Ecumenical Homes (NEH) sponsor the CASA Home Loan program, which provides up to $30,000 in the form of shared appreciation mortgages for qualifying homes in Pleasanton. 

"The real benefit of CASA is purchasing power," explains Terry Ward of NEH. "It allows buyers to increase their purchasing power about 20 to 25 percent above what they would normally have, and that difference often allows them to purchase a home closer to their employment." 

The funds from CASA are applied as second or third mortgages, but require no monthly payments. Instead, the funds are repaid when the home is resold at a later date.The maximum qualifying income and purchase price limits have been raised this year as well. For more information on CASA, call Tracy Federal Bank at (800) 948-7229. 


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