Published May 18, 1999
Volume 7, Number 5

There's One More "Una Mas!" For Mexican Food in Hacienda

Una MasWith the opening of a new location at 4501 Hopyard Road in the Crossroads Center, Hacienda is now home to two Una Mas restaurants. The new restaurant joins their Metro 580 location in serving a variety of Mexican-style lunch and dinner dishes. 

"We've also introduced a whole new menu for all Una Mas restaurants," says Payton Raymond, corporate marketing manager. 

One new feature is "Combo Baskets," six different meals with an entree, chips, and "frijoles picantes" beans. 

"They range from taqueria soft tacos to chicken taquitos or fish tacos," he says. "Our main goal behind it was to make it easier for people to order during lunch we associate a number with each basket, so you can order a 'number one.'" Five similar combinations have been also been introduced as "Dinner Plates." 

For a limited time, Una Mas is also offering a unique taste treat: lobster burritos. 

"We started serving them on May 3 as part of a special promotion, and it's going very, very well," says Raymond. "I think we're going to start offering them every year."

In addition, the Hopyard location continues to feature the rotisserie chicken dishes made popular at Pollo Rey. Una Mas and Pollo Rey merged in November of 1997. 


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