Published November 16, 1999
Volume 7, Number 11

Tri-Valley Film and Video Commission is Helping Make Pleasanton a Star

Film Commission
A recent film shoot took place on Neal Street across from
Le Pleasant Jardin restaurant. 

Pleasanton is no stranger to the movie industry. In 1917, Mary Pickford's "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" was filmed in town, with local children being paid $2 per day as extras. Buster Keaton, Lillian Gish, and Tom Mix also made movies here. Abbot and Costello's "It Ain't Hay" was filmed at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in 1941. 

The Tri-Valley Film and Video Commission, founded in June of 1997, is working to see that Pleasanton's film resume continues to grow. 

"We act as a liaison to each production that comes into our community," explains Alison Levelis, film commissioner. 

There are several aspects to the job, which has already led to several shoots in the area. The TVFC is a member of both the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) and Film Liaisons of California (FLIC). 

"That's nice because people who go into the AFCI office down in L.A. can access our pictures and information down there," she says. The organizations also fax location requests to the commission, to which they can reply with photographs and more information. 

So far, four independent films have used local locations, as have several commercials. Pleasanton's Main Street area has been featured, as has Valley Memorial Hospital in Livermore. 

"We get a lot of requests for car commercials, too, where they want rolling hills and open roads," she adds. 

While Hacienda awaits its on-screen debut, there have been recent requests seeking shooting space in office environments. 

"One was for a TV pilot for a show set at a business that was linked to the Internet, which sounded really interesting," says Levelis. 

The TVFC is currently in the process of expanding its photo library of potential locations. 

"If anyone is interested in having filming at their home or business in the Tri-Valley, we're always interested in hearing from them," she adds. "We'll come out to their property or business and take photos to add to our photo library." 

For more information on the Tri-Valley Film Commission or to be added to their list of potential locations, contact Levelis at (925) 846-9502.


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