Published March 21, 2000
Volume 8, Number 3

Pleasanton Library Seeks Input on Business Services

The Pleasanton Library has been making big changes and there are more that are still to come. In addition to revisions in their programs for children and adults, the Library is also looking to make improvements in the services and programs offered to the business community. 

To that end, the library has created a simple survey designed to help determine the needs and desires of the business community that is now available. 

There'll Be Some Changes Made
The changes with the library began when the City of Pleasanton removed the facility from the Alameda County Library system last July, based on the idea that the City was paying more into the system than it was receiving in services for its residents. The library has since seen a $500,000 renovation and was rededicated last August. 

"The first thing we did was extend the hours of service and add some programs for children, young adults, and adults," says the Library's Billie Dancy. 

Looking at Business Needs 
Another focus of the Library's efforts has been to determine the needs of the local business community. 

"Rather than assume that there were certain things that were needed and create our own services, we thought we should do it the right way and ask," says Dancy. 

The Library has created a short, six-question survey that aims to do just that. Questions focus on current business-related use of the library, programs that would be of interest to businesses, and the needs that have yet gone unfulfilled. 

"Do they prefer using the Library through the Internet? What kind of resources do they need? Are they satisfied with the service they're getting?" says Dancy. "During the next few months we'll be exploring all kinds of possibilities." 

The Library is also open to getting more specialized materials, but needs to be careful that it applies to a range of businesses. 

"One of the questions we're asking is should we be buying more information on setting up e-businesses or is that too narrow a topic," she says. 

Many Services Already Offered 
The Library's interest in expanding their business-related services shouldn't be taken as an indication that there's nothing to offer now. In fact, just the opposite is true. 

"There are certain references like buying guides and business directories -- we have business directories from all over the U.S.," Dancy says. "We have books on being a better manager, how to start your own business, and how to develop a business." 

Call to Participate 
Anyone interested in taking the survey may call Dancy at (925) 931-3406 or e-mail her at bdancy@ci.pleasanton.ca.us.


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