Published April 18, 2000
Volume 8, Number 4

Adicom to Relocate, Expand into Hacienda
Wireless Technology Provider Leases 41,000 Square Feet in Park
Adicom's relocation will take them from a 16,000 square foot location in Hayward to this 40,769 square foot facility in Hacienda.

By Jay Hipps
Network Editor

Adicom Wireless, an international provider of wireless communications solutions, is moving its headquarters to Amador Four, a 40,769 square foot facility in Hacienda at 5724 West Las Positas Boulevard. 

The company, which currently employs over 100 people in its Hayward offices and is "hiring daily," is expected to expand significantly thanks to the new space. 

"We're expanding our manufacturing and test group and increasing sales and personnel," says Adicom's Marie Longo Zayan. "We think we can accommodate 200 people in the new facility." 

The company has good reasons to seek space for expansion. Adicom provides products and services for wireless transmission of both data and voice, one of the hottest segments of the burgeoning technology sector. 

Adicom's Aditus product line offers a patented, leading-edge technology that includes several advantages over traditional wireless technologies.

The Aditus products utilize Adicom's patented Advanced Code Division Multiple Access (A-CDMA) technology, which improves upon the existing standard, CDMA. Among other things, A-CDMA supports data transfer at speeds identical to wired networks, something that wasn't possible with the previous technology.

Another advantage to the Aditus line is that it can be installed at a much lower cost than wired networks, which require a substantial investment in copper cable installation before any revenue can be generated. 

In contrast, the company says that Aditus begins paying for itself almost immediately upon deployment, with as few as 1,000 subscribers. This makes Adicom's technology extremely attractive for parts of the world where wireless technology -- and even basic phone service -- is not available.

"We believe everyone has the right to affordable telecom services," says Adicom CEO and founder Adel Ghanem. "We're out to shift the economics of telecom infrastructure to the advantage of both operators and their subscribers, without compromising service quality, features, or future growth." 

The company has already established a substantial international footprint, with product deployment in China and Africa and successful trials in Poland and Malaysia. Aditus is currently being marketed in parts of Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the U.S.

Last month, Adicom opened its Asian headquarters in Hong Kong, with an idea towards increasing sales in Asia and Australia.

The opening comes on the heels of a February announcement of a strategic relationship with China's Great Dragon Telecommunications whereby the Aditus line will be manufactured and distributed throughout China by a GDT subsidiary.

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