Published October 17, 2000
Volume 8, Number 10

Business Bits

  • Remedy has introduced Remedy ARWeb 4.0 that provides access to Remedy-powered applications across a company's intranet or via the Internet. It has new web authoring capabilities and now supports thousands of concurrent users through a single web server. 
  • Individual Software has announced the introduction of Professor Teaches Windows Me and Professor Teaches Windows Me PLUS. Entering the marketplace simultaneously with the Microsoft release of Windows Me, consumers will be able to increase their productivity with this new operating system quickly and easily. These two new products meet the growing consumer demand for effective, highly interactive training tools. 
  • Commerce One, Inc. has announced that approximately $2 billion worth of goods were traded in auctions for customers worldwide, resulting in cost savings of up to 50% on sourcing. In addition, customers have cut approximately two to three weeks off the typical negotiation cycle, enabling them to rapidly recognize profits from liquidation of excess goods. Commerce One is currently running auctions for 22 customers worldwide, ranging from smaller net market makers to large enterprises. 
  • Hacienda's Wal*Mart store has made $2,000 grants to three local schools: Alisal, Donlon and Fairlands. Funds have been earmarked for Outdoor Education scholarships, enhancing reading improvement, and computers in the classroom.
  • Mallinckrodt's Nellcor N-395 pulse oximeter was given top marks in a comparative study conducted by Dr. Harmut Gehring of the Department of Anesthesiology at the Medical University Lubeck in Germany. The device, which measures pulse rate as well as blood oxygenation, was compared to five other monitors in the study. 
  • Summit Bank, which has a branch in Hacienda, has added a real estate capital markets group to its loan department. The group will allow the bank to offer fixed-rate secured loans, in addition to its existing menu of construction and short-term loans for long-term, fixed-rate products.
  • Hacienda's Ellie Mae has raised $28 million in third-round funding, exceeding its goal by 40 percent. Investors in the B2B and B2C real estate startup included Alta Partners, Alloy Ventures, and Charter Ventures. 


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