Published January 15, 2002
Volume 10, Number 1

Hacienda Development Active in 2001, With More to Come

Lincoln Centre Project
The three buildings that make up the Lincoln Centre project, home to Cisco Systems, were completed in 2001. 

Hacienda continued to see active growth in 2001 as over 367,000 square feet of space was completed. With construction underway on another 75,000 square feet and three other projects totalling 79,000 square feet approved, 2002 should be a strong year as well. 

Nearly 500,000 square feet of space was absorbed in Hacienda in 2001. At the close of the year, the park’s vacancy rate stood at office space at 6.4 percent and 7.5 percent overall. 

Completed in 2001    
Lincoln Centre Owens and Chabot 338,712
Charter Properties (RJA) Chabot Drive 20,593
Pacific Bell POP Expansion Willow Road 8,190
Under Construction    
Charter Properties (Polycom) Willow Road 50,297
SafeAmerica Federal Credit Union Chabot and Gibraltar 25,642
Hopyard Plaza Hopyard Road 44,250
The Taylor Building Chabot Drive 24,600
South Bay Development Expansion Hacienda Drive 10,676

Hopyard Plaza
Construction equipment has appeared on Hopyard Road where the
Hopyard Plaza will be constructed.

Polycom Charter Properties and Polycom
Above, Polycom tenant improvements.   Right, the Charter Properties project on Willow Road. 

Two views of the SafeAmerica  Credit Union project.   

Charter Properties Ruggeri JensenThe Charter Properties project at Chabot and Gibraltar,
home to Ruggeri-Jensen-Azar & Associates, was completed in 2001. 


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