Published January 15, 2002
Volume 10, Number 1

Hunter Travel Managers Provides Services Tailored to the Needs of Businesses

Hunter Travel
Nelson Hunter's office is decorated with an impressive collection of 1960's San Francisco concert posters.

By Denise Howe 
Special to Network

Nelson Hunter began his venture into the travel business in 1983 when he purchased a small travel agency in Palo Alto. From there he bought another small agency in Pleasanton in 1990, the same year he opened an office in Austin, Texas, and relocated the Palo Alto office to Los Altos where it is today.

In each location, Hunter and his staff work to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive travel service and management for businesses. 

"We specialize in providing travel services for emerging and mid-size companies. We have culled out that area because it is the largest market sector nationwide, and because the emerging and medium size do more travel than any other sector. "Our business mix is 50 percent high tech and medical, and 50 percent all others including construction material manufacturers, and international building companies."

Nelson says that travel can be the second or third largest expense in the profit and loss statement for a business. "It is usually always the second controllable expense, as you can control salary, but not necessarily rent. This is a market where we can really make a difference in added value. 

"We are not just selling a ticket, or making a reservation. We can take over and manage their business activity if that is what they want. We can help them create a written travel policy and once that policy is written and defined we will help them implement it," saving the company many dollars. 

Working with a client company, Hunter Travel creates a computerized company profile along with the authorized travel policy. Then a traveler profile is created for each employee with details about the types of authorized carriers, hotels, rental cars for each person. When travel plans are made, they must fall within these pre-determined limits. The company saves money on travel and paperwork. 

Nelson says that the travel policy saves time and money for the company and allows it to see exactly how travel money is being spent. 

In addition to implementing and enforcing travel policy, once Hunter Travel has an idea of a company's travel patterns, the staff can negotiate discount contracts with carriers. "An airline will often extend a discount if they feel they are going to get incremental business. We would go out for a bid on behalf of a company, and the contract would give a company's business to a specific airline, rental car business or hotel chain." The savings can be substantial.

At the end of each month, Hunter provides client companies with complete reports that cover all travel activity. "Our reports show every trip taken by every person in every department." Included also is an accounting of paperless tickets that were purchased but not used. "Companies lose thousands of dollars on unused tickets that are never exchanged, but we can prevent that from happening." 

Nelson says that his company is continually developing innovative programs to increase its service capabilities for businesses. Hunter Travel Managers Inc. is located at 4637 Chabot Drive, Suite 111. The phone number is (925) 463-0560.


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