Published February 18, 2003
Volume 11, Number 2

Pixion Wins Best of Show at Macworld
Company’s Latest Honor is Second Major Award for PictureTalk Web Conferencing Product

Pixion had a packed house for its presentations at January's Macworld show at
Moscone Center in San Francisco.

By George Walsh
Network Editor

Pixion, a developer of web conferencing solutions for businesses with the need to engage in secure, scalable, and cost-effective interactive web meetings was awarded “Best of Show” at this year’s Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco for its PictureTalk 4.0 Web conferencing product. The award comes on the heels of winning Presentations Magazine’s prestigious Standing Ovation Award for the “Best Web Conferencing/Meeting Service of 2002” in December of last year. Pixion, located at 4234 Hacienda Drive, Suite 200 in Hacienda, was founded in 1995 and employs 45 people at its Pleasanton facility.

Pixion’s PictureTalk web conferencing software lets users communicate using data, digital content, software and voice over the internet or corporate computer network. It also works with existing firewall technologies to provide multiple layers of protection so that confidential business information remains secure. Pixion says that PictureTalk can be used for efforts that include sales, marketing, technical support, and customer care, as well as training and distance education without incurring travel costs or renting special facilities. “PictureTalk allows anyone on any platform, including any version of Windows, any version of the Macintosh, and any version of Sun Solaris, to share and interact on documents, presentations, software applications, web pages, or the desktop from anywhere in the world with nothing more than an Internet connection,” says Charles Orlando, director of marketing for Pixion.

PictureTalk has been available since 1997, with the award-winning version 4.0 launching in October 2002. Sales of the conferencing product have been growing astronomically over the past year, with the product’s customer base increasing about 1,000% in the last 12 months. The award from Macworld is expected to accelerate acceptance from the Macintosh community. “The traction we now have with the Mac users of the world now is tremendous,” Orlando says. “Traffic to our web site more than quintupled the day that we received the award.” The Standing Ovation Award from Presentations Magazine has also helped to propel PictureTalk into the limelight. Presentations Magazine is an industry-leading trade publication dedicated exclusively to individuals and organizations that create and deliver presentations.

In addition to PictureTalk’s cross-platform capabilities, Orlando also touts its low cost and ease of installation. “Editors and analysts alike are heralding us as the future of web conferencing. We can get you up and running behind your firewall in 90 minutes or less and it’s very inexpensive compared to other products and services. A ten-seat license for PictureTalk runs $6,625 per year. So the cost savings versus travel is also significant.”

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