Published March 18, 2003
Volume 11, Number 3

TTEC’s Corporate Membership Program Enhances Economic Growth

High technology enterprises can have a tremendous impact on the economy of the region they call home. To foster new high tech industries locally, the The Tri-Valley Technology Enterprise Center (TTEC), a project of the Tri-Valley Business Council, helps people with promising high-tech ideas work on developing them in hopes of bringing a product to market. TTEC is a non-profit business enterprise center based in Livermore that has two incubator facilities: one at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and another at the Livermore Science & Education Center.

TTEC's mission is to support positive economic development in the Tri-Valley region as well as to help build a bridge between the nearby Sandia and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and private technology companies. “Ultimately, what we’re trying to do is to create a network, which means bringing companies together with investors and startup companies. I just believe that everybody’s stronger by knowing more about each other,” says Mike LaLumiere, executive director of TTEC.

“We’re trying to create events, networks, anything we can do in the Tri-Valley to enhance economic development for technology companies and especially early-stage companies,” LaLumiere says. “To do that we need support from the business community, because that’s who we’re trying to help in the long run.” In return for membership, companies are given access to TTEC’s events, which can allow them to forge relationships with both new companies and other established businesses in the region. Events include the upcoming Livermore Life Sciences Conference, the Tri-Valley Software Showcase, and brown bag lunch seminars. 

Companies interested in becoming involved in a dynamic organization devoted to promoting technology can participate in the TTEC Corporate Membership Program. “What we really want to do now is to build by getting the business community more involved with technology companies,” Lalumiere says. “We also want to continue to create more events that bring technology people together in the Tri-Valley.” For more information about a TTEC’s Corporate Membership, call Mike LaLumiere at 925-371-8651.

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