Published September 16, 2003
Volume 11, Number 9

Commuter Choice Transportation Fair Rolls Into Hacienda

Your ability to choose is one of the most powerful tools you possess. Hacienda Business Park and the City of Pleasanton are pleased to sponsor a major event where you can apply your power to choose to time and money saving commute opportunities. The Tri-Valley Commuter Choice Transportation Fair is taking place Thursday, October 9, between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm at the CarrAmerica Conference Center at 4400 Rosewood Drive. On that date, you will find a comprehensive informational forum for commuters working and living in the Tri-Valley. Here, attendees can learn from exhibitors about the complete range of transportation alternatives and related support programs to aid them in their commute. The Conference Center will serve as the exhibit hall and gifts, prizes, and refreshments will be provided by the hosts. As a special component of the event, the first hour will be set aside to allow exhibitors the ability to work one on one with local transportation professionals and employer transportation program managers. For more information on the event, contact the Hacienda Owners Association at (925) 734-6500 or Lisa Adamos, at the City of Pleasanton at (925) 931-5039.

Transit Fair Graphic

A dynamic range of participants from throughout the Bay Area will be able to provide you with details on commuting programs and services. The following is a partial listing of exhibitors who will be making information available to attendees:

(209) 468-5099 (phone)
(209) 468-5610 (fax)
ACE (Altamont Commuter Express) rail service from the San Joaquin Valley to Pleasanton began back in 1998 and offers a great alternative to those commuting over the Altamont Pass from San Joaquin County or for those traveling from Pleasanton to Santa Clara.

AC Transit
(510) 891-7163 (phone)
(510) 891-4818 (fax)
Each weekday, 236,000 people board AC Transit’s fleet of 815 vehicles. AC Transit service includes standard and low floor buses, luxury coaches, articulated buses, and paratransit buses operating from four divisions—Richmond, Emeryville, East Oakland, and Hayward. 

American Heart Association
(510) 632-9606 (phone)
(510) 635-5848 (fax)
The American Heart Association believes that swimming, cycling, jogging, skiing, aerobic dancing, walking or any of dozens of other activities can help your heart. Walking and cycling are great commute options that add up to a healthier heart.

American Lung Association of the East Bay
(925) 935-0473 (phone)
(925) 935-6530 (fax)
The American Lung Association of the East Bay provides information and referral for lung diseases including, emphysema, bronchitis, sleep apnea and other chronic obstructive lung problems. It also promotes the health benefits of walking and cycling as commute options.

(510) 464-7134 (phone)
(510) 464-7175 (fax)
BART service reaches all the way from Millbrae through San Francisco to train lines that terminate in Richmond, Pittsburg, Fremont, and here in Dublin/Pleasanton. A new BART line to San Francisco International Airport has recently opened as well.

(415) 749-4904 (phone)
(415) 749-5101 (fax)
The Bay Area Clean Air Partnership (BayCAP) is a consensus initiative. Established by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Bay Area Council, the Santa Clara Valley Manufacturing Group, and other interested organizations, BayCAP helps employers implement commute alternatives.

Best Workplaces for Commuters
(703) 841-1705 (phone)
(703) 841-1440 (fax)
Best Workplaces for Commuters is a new regional program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation. Qualifying employers are given national recognition for having met the program’s standard of excellence.

Black Tie Transportation
(925) 847-0747 (phone)
(925) 847-9247 (fax)
Black Tie owns one of the largest and most diverse fleets of vehicles in the Bay Area. Black Tie’s fleet covers everything from employer shuttles to private corporate sedans, stretch limousines, roomy executive vans, and deluxe 21 and 25-seat motor coaches.

(831) 685-2046 (phone)
(831) 684-2454 (fax)
Buspool.org provides top of the line shuttles for commuting to work. Direct service to your work site ensures a timely, non-stressful commute.

(650) 508-7934 (phone)
(650) 508-7919 (fax)
Caltrain connects San Francisco to the Peninsula, Silicon Valley and San Jose. A new BART connection is now available at BART’s Millbrae station, creating even greater access to a variety of Bay Area Destinations.

(213) 427-2000 (phone)
(213) 427-1717 (fax)
CDSNet currently manages major paratransit and transportation support operations for agencies throughout the State of California. Specific systems used by CDSNet include TranStar Automated Trip Planning and Smart Cards with automated fare collection systems.

Cingular Wireless
(925) 858-2000 (phone)
(925) 227-4201 (fax)
Cingular Wireless provides premium wireless telephone service and can also assist you with information on how its services can be used for telecommuting and home offices.

City CarShare
(415) 995-8588 (phone)
(415) 995-8589 (fax)
City CarShare is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote car-sharing as a means to reduce automobile dependence. Car sharing centers are available at a number of locations in the Bay Area.

Commuter Choice Tax Benefit
(510) 601-0490 (phone)
(510) 601-0813 (fax)
The Commuter Choice Tax Benefit is based on Section 132(f) of the Federal tax code. This special section of the tax code allows employers to offer employees a variety of tax saving financial incentives for the use of alternative commute modes, including buses, trains, and vanpools. 

Commute Solutions Santa Cruz
(831) 460-3201 (phone)
(831) 460-3215 (fax)
In existence since 1979, Commute Solutions provides encouragement and information to commuters on the alternatives to driving alone. Commute Solutions serves commuters traveling within, into, or out of Santa Cruz County.

Contra Costa Commute Alternative Network
(925) 407-0533 (phone)
(925) 609-8853 (fax)
CC CAN is a comprehensive transportation demand management program, which promotes alternatives to the single occupant vehicle. The CC CAN Program promotes commute alternatives that encourage carpooling, vanpooling, telecommuting, biking, transit, and walking.

County Connection
(925) 676-1976 (phone)
(925) 686-2830 (fax)
County Connection provides fixed-route bus service and ADA paratransit service to nearly five million passengers annually throughout central Contra Costa County including Clayton, Concord, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and unincorporated areas of central county.

Dublin Cyclery
(925) 828-8676 (phone)
(925) 829-8765 (fax)
With over 35 years of professional of bicycle sales experience and service, Dublin Cyclery has a large selection and full-service precision repairs and custom fitting for cyclists. Dublin Cyclery also has a complete range of gear for bicycle commuting.

East Bay Bicycle Coalition
(510) 530-3444 (phone)
(510) 336-1604 (fax)
The EBBC safeguards the interest of bicyclists in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The EBBC works with cities, counties, Caltrans, and other government agencies to improve conditions for cyclists. 

East Bay Regional Park District
(510) 635-0135 (phone)
(510) 635-5848 (fax)
The goal of the East Bay Regional Park District is to preserve a heritage of natural and cultural resources for the future, including open space, parks, and trails. In addition to information about parks, the District has a number of resources available highlighting regional trails and bike corridors.

Enterprise Rideshare
(510) 297-5475 (phone)
(510) 877-5475 (fax)
A division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Enterprise Rideshare specializes in providing vanpool and carpool commuter services to individuals and companies throughout Northern and Southern California. Enterprise Rideshare has a wide range of rideshare options for commuters.

Guaranteed Ride Home
(415) 284-1544 (phone)
(415) 284-1554 (fax)
The Alameda County CMA Guaranteed Ride Home Program guarantees you a ride home from work when unexpected circumstances arise. However you get to work, the program assures that you will have a ride home in case of illness, family crisis, unscheduled overtime, or a missed rideshare trip. 

(209) 577-5295 (phone)
(209) 577-5295 (phone)
The Modesto Area Express (MAX) is the city of Modesto's transit service, providing bus transportation in and around the city and regional connection to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station.

Merced Rides
(209) 723-3153 Ext. 318 (phone)
(209) 723-0322 (fax)
Merced Rides provides information and programs that help commuters facilitate their travel within Merced County and into the Tri-Valley.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission
(510) 817-3282 (phone)
(510) 817-3299 (fax)
MTC is the major transportation planning organization for the nine county Bay Area. MTC’s new 511 program and website are cutting edge tools that can be used to facilitate the use of alternative commuting options.

(415) 934-3900 (phone)
(415) 934-3905 (fax)
The San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) is the seventh-largest public transit system in the United States. Muni services connect with other regional services that deliver patrons right to the Tri-Valley.

Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance
(650) 994-7924 (phone)
(650) 994-7925 (fax)
The Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance is dedicated to addressing the challenges involved in getting to and from work in San Mateo County. Its goal is to help people find ways to get to work that are faster, cheaper, and/or easier through commuter information, employer programs, and city transportation demand management partnerships. 

Pleasanton Economic Vitality Department
(925) 931-5039 (phone)
(925) 931-5476 (fax)
Pleasanton is actively recruiting employers to join its Commendable Commutes program. Employers participating in Commendable Commutes receive local technical assistance and recognition.

RIDES for Bay Area Commuters
(510) 273-2070 (phone)
(510) 622-0201 (fax)
RIDES is a private non-profit organization that helps commuters and businesses find and use alternatives to driving alone. RIDES encourages and helps people in their efforts to take public transit, to walk, to telecommute, and to carpool and vanpool, with the mission of reducing congestion and air pollution. 

San Joaquin Council of Governments
(209) 468-3913 (phone)
(209) 468-1064 (fax)
The San Joaquin Council of Governments, working with local and regional transit operators, works to improve public transit and provide transportation alternatives. Transit operations in San Joaquin County include Altamont Commuter Express Commuter Rail, San Joaquin Regional Transit District, Lodi Grapeline, and the Tracy Tracer.

(209) 948-5566 Ext. 628 (phone)
(209) 948-3024 (fax)
The San Joaquin Regional Transit District (SJRTD) is the regional transit provider for San Joaquin County. It provides public transit services in the Stockton Metropolitan Area, as well as Intercity, Interregional, and Rural Transit Services countywide. SJRTD connects San Joaquin County to Sacramento, BART, and the Bay Area.

Solano Napa Commuter Information
(800) 535-6883 (phone)
(707) 427-5244 (fax)
Solano Napa Commuter Information (SNCI) offers personalized assistance for traveling around Solano/Napa Counties and neighboring cities. SNCI is a public agency program with free information and services for using alternative transportation in Solano and Napa Counties and surrounding regions.

Spare The Air
(510) 273-2091 (phone)
(510) 622-0201 (fax)
Spare The Air provides information and promotes solutions for alternative transportation options that help reduce air pollution.

Trails Council of Livermore-Amador County
(925) 484-0664
The Trails Council is a group of trail enthusiasts. Its mission is to advocate regional and selected local trails, both to enhance recreational opportunities and to serve as alternative transportation corridors in the Tri- Valley area.

Tri-Delta Transit
(925) 754-6622 (phone)
(925) 757-2530 (fax)
Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (ECCTA, Tri Delta Transit) provides connections to BART at the new Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station as well as local service in Shore Acres, Bay Point, Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley and Brentwood.

Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air
(415) 975-2955 Ext. 4 (phone)
(415) 975-2957 (fax)
The Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air is a public/private partnership formed to help implement the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Spare the Air program. Because auto emissions are a leading cause of pollution, the team has developed a number of resources to aid commuters in the use of alternatives to driving alone.

Trust Administrators Inc.
(510) 451-2810 (phone)
(510) 451-8611 (fax)
As an administrator of employee benefit services, Trust Administrators helps employers see how they can save money and improve productivity by offering commuter benefits. Trust Administrators also offers a "smart card," which works like a credit card that employees can use to pay transit costs.

(510) 577-9550 (phone)
(510) 577-9555 (fax)
VPSI, headquartered in Troy, Michigan, is the world’s largest provider of commuter services with 28 U.S. offices and 10 European subsidiary offices. The company has six distinctive product service lines including vanpool, carpool, rideshare, commuter center, commercial leasing and consulting solutions.

(408) 952-5680 (phone)
(408) 321-7537 (fax)
VTA provides service throughout Santa Clara County and partners with other systems for bus and rail service between Santa Clara County and the counties of Alameda, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and San Francisco. 

Wage Works
(650) 373-2900 (phone)
(650) 373-2919 (fax)
WageWorks offers passes from a large selection of public transportation providers. You can choose from a nationwide catalog of thousands of commute choices, from the New York subway to Washington’s SmarTrip cards to San Francisco Bay ferries.

(925) 455-7558 (phone)
(925) 443-1375 (fax)
WHEELS offers a premier transit service in the Tri-Valley and beyond. WHEELS buses run throughout the Tri-Valley area to several locations in Hacienda, and WHEELS I-680 express bus service provides a direct link for people commuting from the Concord/Walnut Creek area to Hacienda.

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