Published September 16, 2003
Volume 11, Number 9

Pacific Coast Anglers Casts its Line at Hacienda
Fly Fishing Specialty Store Caters to Experts and Novices Alike

Pacific Coast Anglers Store
Part of Pacific Coast Angler's selection of lures is seen at left, while
Bob Giese mans the register in the background.

By George Walsh
Network Editor

Whether you know the difference between a caddis pupa and a swinging bugger or are simply looking for a recreational activity that takes place in the great outdoors, Pacific Coast Anglers, at 5677 Gibraltar Drive, might have what you need. Pacific Coast Anglers is a fly fishing specialty shop that offers products ranging from fly fishing equipment and fly tying materials to clothing, waders, sunglasses and books about angling.

Owner Bob Searle has been fly fishing since 1973 and not only runs the store, but also teaches fishing techniques and hosts excursions that can take you from local fishing holes to far flung locations like Tierra Del Fuego and the Sea of Cortez. “We have several shop trips every year to destinations like Argentina, Alaska, and Mexico,” Searle says. “We’re now even traveling to Australia.” Pacific Coast Anglers also has the tools you need to catch that trophy trout you’ve been dreaming about. “We have all the toys that are involved in fly fishing,” Searle says. “We have rods, reels, lines, luggage, and clothing. It is literally a full-service facility.” The 1,300 square foot store has two employees in addition to Searle, though he tends to guide most of the fishing trips.

Pacific Coast Anglers is new to Hacienda, but it’s no newcomer to fly fishing aficionados. The store was located in nearby San Ramon for 10 years. Prior to that, Searle owned a store in Washington on the outskirts of Seattle. The shop currently has an email list that includes around 1,500 customers, and Searle figures that number to be a fairly low estimate of his client base.

Contrary to popular belief, fly fishing is a sport that doesn’t have to end with serving your opponent for dinner. Searle notes that fly fishing has evolved more toward being a catch-and-release sport, where the fish are merely fooled and set free, not caught and cooked. It can also require less of a financial investment than many other activities. “I really feel as though the expense is relative,” Searle says. “Most sports require some expenditure on equipment. With fly fishing, you can get started with just a fly rod, a reel, and a pair of waders, so it’s actually more affordable than a lot of other recreational sports you can get involved in.”

In addition to being relaxing, fishing is a pastime that’s accessible to all who are interested. “It’s great fun,” Searle says. “It’s a sport that has room for everybody from someone who’s just picked up a fly rod for the first time, to someone who knows the Latin names of all the fauna in the river. There’s everything in between and it’s a wonderful activity to get involved in.” For those who like to work with their hands, Pacific Coast Anglers offers fly-tying classes as well as other types of instruction to help you hone your fishing skills. The store also provides a range of classes for anglers of all skill levels that include: a one-day school where you can learn the dynamics of fly casting, weekend seminars, free clinics, and guest speakers. Call Pacific Coast Anglers at (925) 734-0110 for details.


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