Published November 18, 2003
Volume 11, Number 11

Alacritus Unveils Chronospan Data Protection Software
New product helps IT professionals protect and restore critical data

Alacritus Logo

By George Walsh
Network Editor

As companies have made the move away from paper files and into the world of digital storage, they have reduced the space it takes to store information, increased access to it and, unfortunately, put that data at the risk of destruction and loss via system crashes and more malevolent events like viruses and vandalism. Alacritus Software, at 3825 Hopyard Road, creates backup appliances that use computer hard drives coupled with a streamlined file system to improve backup speed. The company believes that disk-based data backup is both cheaper and faster than the magnetic tape-based backup systems traditionally used to protect large amounts of data.

Alacritus’ latest product, Chronospan, is a tool that is designed to make electronic data backup more secure and safe than ever. Using the product, data can be restored quickly in the event of a system crash, virus, or other situation where data on the computer network servers becomes corrupted or lost. In addition to Chronospan, Alacritus Software has been shipping Securitus, a disk-based data protection solution, for more than 12 months.

“Chronospan replaces the traditional method of data protection with a totally new methodology,” says Paul JJ Payack, senior vice president of Alacritus Software. “With Chronospan, we’ve created a way for corporations and enterprises to protect their data assets. Using it, data restoration in the event of an emergency is reduced from the hours and days enterprises currently experience, to seconds and minutes. With our technology, you can actually ‘roll back’ your restoration to a particular point in time. So, if there’s a system crash and you need information and you know that the system became incapacitated at 11:47.01 a.m., you can go to back to the condition the data was in at 11:47.00 a.m. and restore your data to the state it was in at that instant in time.”

Alacritus’ new Chronospan product was developed here in Hacienda, and Payack is pleased with locating the company’s facility here. “We’re committed to the Tri-Valley and what we like to call the ‘580/680 Technology Corridor,’” he says. “Here, we get the best engineers from all over the whole area. We get people from Silicon Valley who want to do a reverse commute. We get to tap into the huge engineering pool in the Tri-Valley that extends North to Walnut Creek and even East toward Tracy, so it’s just an ideal location for us from an engineering talent point of view.”


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