Published January 20, 2004
Volume 12, Number 1

Two New AC Transit Lines Added to Hacienda New Rider Incentive Program

AC Transit has introduced two new ways to ease commutes to Hacienda from the Peninsula. The new Line M TransBay Express bus service runs between the Hillsdale CalTrain station in San Mateo and the Castro Valley BART station, with stops at the Metro Center and Vintage Park business parks, Hillsdale Mall, Hayward BART and Chabot College. The new line joins the Dumbarton Express TransBay bus service, which runs between Palo Alto and Union City BART with stops at El Camino Real and Page Mill Road, the Palo Alto Caltrain Station, Middlefield and Willow roads, and the Newark Park-n-Ride on Highway 84.

With buses on both routes running at frequent intervals during commute hours, these services now provide the most time-efficient public transit solutions for Hacienda commuters traveling from the Peninsula. You can find full schedules for both lines at www.transitinfo.org. Best of all, the routes are also now included in Hacienda’s extensive New Rider Incentive Program, which allows park employees and residents to try transit at no charge.

A Wide Variety of Options
Hacienda sits at the junction of over eight different transit services. Hacienda’s New Rider Incentive Program offers a number of ways to get started. Simply access the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org and select “Materials,” “Commute,” “New Rider Passes” from the main drop-down menu to sign up. In addition to the new A/C Transit program, which gives participants a free round-trip on the M or DB lines detailed above, the following transit systems offer benefits to Hacienda commuters:

You Can’t Beat BART — Are you a first-time rider interested in a free ride on the Bay Area's most comprehensive rail system? Simply place your order to request a BART new rider ticket. Hacienda will send you a special invitation from BART to try their system with an $8 BART ticket, which is enough to make a round-trip ride to work on the house. BART’s network of trains cover most of the Bay Area, making it the commute of choice for hundreds of thousands of people. More information on BART can be found online at www.BART.gov.

ACE Your Commute — Direct access from the San Joaquin Valley is yours on the ACE commuter rail system. First-time riders receive a free round-trip ticket and an opportunity to purchase your first monthly pass at half price. Train schedules and rider information are accessible online at the ACE web site at www.AceRail.com.

Try A SMART Trip — Commuters from Stockton, Manteca, and Tracy can travel to Hacienda in comfort and style on SMART, which offers its buses during commute hours to carry employees to Hacienda from San Joaquin County. Free round-trip tickets are available for first-time riders. You can find detailed information on routes and schedules online at www.SJ-Smart.com.

Express Yourself With Tri-Delta Transit — Commuters from Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood and Byron can get out of their cars and into comfortable, state-of-the-art buses for a relaxing ride to Hacienda. New riders can try a free round-trip ride and a two-for-one discount on their first monthly pass. Route information is available online at www.TriDeltaTransit.com.

Make the AC Transit Connection — Riders can try AC Transit's new Line M TransBay Express and Line DB (Dumbarton Bridge) TransBay Express services at a discount. Try the first three rides for free under the New Rider program. Information on schedules and services can be found at www.ACTransit.org.

WHEELS Buses are Always Free
All employees and residents in Hacienda, whether new riders or not, may obtain a free WHEELS pass to use anywhere, anytime on the WHEELS system. This service includes all local buses and links between BART and ACE as well as free access to the I-680 Express bus from Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. To obtain a pass, simply access the online application at www.hacienda.org, then choose “Materials,” “Commute,” and “Free WHEELS Pass” from the drop-down menu. Follow the instructions and a WHEELS pass will be sent to your employer. You can also obtain an order form from the Hacienda offices at 4473 Willow, Suite 105, or by calling the Transportation Hotline at (925) 734-6551.


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