Published May 18, 2004
Volume 12, Number 5

Business Bits
  • Polycom and AT&T are teaming to bring enterprise quality video communications to small and medium sized businesses in an affordable solution which they have dubbed the AT&T IP Video Bundle. The product will include Polycom’s new V500 video calling system with Polycom’s Premier support along with AT&T’s Video Gateway services and Managed Internet Service. “The Polycom and AT&T offering addresses the growing market for selling high-quality video communications into the small and medium-sized business (SMB) segment,” said Robert Mahowald, research manager at industry analysts IDC. “The moderate price and easy-to-use hardware/software/service offering can help expand the use of video beyond the boardrooms and conference rooms of large companies, into smaller businesses, serving remote workers and smaller offices within an enterprise. Polycom’s V500 paired with AT&T’s services provide a clear path for SMB firms to step up to business-class interactive video communications.”
  • Nellcor donated pulse oximeters and sensors for use by the International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF) on a two-week medical mission to Nigeria.  Medical volunteers from the organization traveled to Nigeria to perform life-saving cardiac surgery on twelve infants and children with serious heart defects.“The generous donation provided by Nellcor and others allowed us to carry out our first pediatric heart surgery mission to Africa,” said William M. Novick, MD, founder and medical director, ICHF.  “Following our mission, the Nellcor pulse oximeters and sensors were given to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) in Enugu, Nigeria to establish a pediatric heart surgery center.  Nellcor’s state-of-the-art technology will enable the ICHF, in collaboration with the UNTH, to continue to provide heart surgery for the children of Nigeria.”  The team of 20 medical volunteers was made up of clinicians and engineers from hospitals located across the United States.  In addition to performing cardiac surgery, the volunteers provided education and training for the local Nigerian clinicians, repaired existing medical equipment and donated operating room and intensive care unit supplies for use in the local surgical program.
  • Tevet Process Control Technologies has received orders for multiple units of its IsTMS Integrated Thickness Measurement system, a device used in the manufacturing process to measure the thickness of semiconductors, from multiple customers. The IsTMS has generated industry interest in its excellent ROI and measurement capabilities. “Increasingly, customers are finding the integrated metrology capabilities and properties of the IsTMS superior for providing economical, reliable and seamless process control of sensitive process modules such as STI and films such as ARC,” says Yuval Wasserman, president and CEO of Tevet.
  • Alacritus Software, a Hacienda firm specializing in disk-based data protection solutions, has created a new VAR partnership for distribution of the Securitus virtual tape library in the U.S. and Europe with ADTX (Advanced Technology and Systems Co., Ltd.). ADTX is a leading provider of reliable and affordable high performance computer storage products. “The Securitus solution offers customers the capacity, reliability and performance they need at an attractive and cost-effective price point,” said Don Trimmer, Alacritus founder and chief strategic officer.

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