Published November 16, 2004
Volume 12, Number 11

Business Bits
  • PeopleSoft’s global consulting division has completed software upgrade projects at New Jersey City University, Loyola University, and the San Francisco Unified School District. The upgrades will enable these learning institutions to leverage the latest PeopleSoft solutions to streamline operations and lower administrative costs. "With unrelenting budget cuts and increasing demand from students for additional services, educators are leveraging technology to reduce administrative workloads, creating new opportunities to focus on the needs of students,” said Michael Zastrocky, managing VP with Gartner, a leading industry analyst. “More and more, IT leaders at schools and universities are selecting a single vendor for both technology and consulting services on their projects to create singular accountability – the opportunity to combine the purchase of services and software from one company can be reassuring for many schools and universities.”
  • The University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR) has selected AdventNet's Simulation Toolkit to teach its students about the latest networking solutions. The Information Science & Technology Department (IST) was established 3 years ago to enhance computing and networking education. The department has worked since then to design an educational program with maximum exposure to current and evolving networking technologies that require network simulation. AdventNet's Simulation Toolkit perfectly suited this requirement.
  • Sales of Nellcor’s OxiMax Pulse Oximetry system have topped 50,000 standalone units and 150,000 original equipment manufacturer modules.  More than 1,200 U.S. hospital customers have adopted OxiMax technology since it was introduced in 2002, making this the most successful product introduction in the Hacienda company’s 20-year history. “OxiMax promises to work in the most challenging of clinical situations, and reaching the 200,000 unit milestone in two and a half years clearly marks this platform as the most rapidly adopted pulse oximetry technology in the industry,” said Brian Earp, director of Oximetry Marketing. “Clinicians are demanding increasingly exceptional performance and are discovering they can more effectively monitor a broader range of patients with OxiMax sensors and technology.”
  • Ingenico has added support for RFID technologies in its new range of payment systems, which is now equipped to process MasterCard OneSMART PayPass payments. Radio frequency identification, or RFID , is a generic term for radio technologies used to identify people or objects automatically. In the secure transaction industry, all it takes now is to wave a contactless card near the RFID reader to establish communication and identify the person or object. This technology is being adopted around the world in the fields of transportation, government, e-identity and banking applications with major projects already underway. MasterCard OneSMART PayPass is a new contactless payment program that facilitates and accelerates payment at the point of sale. The new product is ideal for fast moving micro-payment environments where speed is essential, including quick-serve restaurants, gas stations, and toll roads. These uses represent a potential market of over 9 million points of transaction worldwide.

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