Published November 16, 2004
Volume 12, Number 11

Vintage Business Solutions Helps Companies Get up and Running with Software Installation

John Barrett
John Barrett, president of Vintage Business Solutions, emphasizes the
importance of a high standard of service.

By George Walsh
Special to NETWORK

In today’s high-tech world, computer software and systems are available to help nearly any company streamline their business activities in an effort to be more successful. However, finding, installing, and learning how to use the appropriate software applications that will increase productivity is generally not a task for the average business owner. That’s where Vintage Business Solutions, with headquarters at 4309 Hacienda Drive believes it can offer help.

“We are a reseller of software and a consulting firm, but we really consider ourselves a business partner for our clients,” says Rick Chase, VP of sales and marketing for Vintage Business Solutions. “We serve companies who do business in the areas of accounting, manufacturing, and distribution. We also provide services to companies who have a need for customer relationship management (CRM) software or are involved in e-commerce. We do the installation and configuration, the consulting, and the training for companies using the software we sell.”

Along with other features, CRM software can integrate with phone systems so that when a customer calls, all of their information pops up on the service representative’s computer screen. It can also help companies track things like marketing campaigns and sales. E-commerce has evolved from being merely a technology that allows consumers to purchase products online to a means by which businesses can communicate with their suppliers (and vice versa) to track inventory, create and post invoices, and engage in other business-to-business (B2B) activities that can reduce costs and paperwork.

Vintage Business Solutions was founded in 1998. The company’s services include business needs analysis, software selection, on-site and classroom training, technical support, data conversion from one electronic format to another, computer systems integration and management, finance and lease options, web site development, and the ability to run and maintain “hosted applications” that are software programs managed outside of their clients’ facilities. Vintage Business Solutions moved into its Hacienda location in December 2003 and has total of nine employees working in its Pleasanton and Sacramento offices.

“The first thing we do for a company is to look at their business requirements, what they do, and issues they have that might be improved by computer software,” Chase says. “Most companies have deficiencies in their software, so they start adding people to take care of certain tasks. We go in and do an analysis to see where they can cut costs. Usually, cutting costs doesn’t mean replacing people, but improving operations to make them more efficient. We recommend a software package that will work for them and we show them how the workflow of the new software is going to improve their business. We can then install the software and help them with consultation and support.”

“Really what distinguishes us is that we hold ourselves to a very high standard of service,” says John Barrett, president of Vintage Business Solutions. “We’ve done about 450 installations, and our mission is to make our clients self-sufficient. Our goal is to do our job and get out of their way because we make sure they’re ready to handle the system themselves.”


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