Published January 18, 2005
Volume 13, Number 1

Callahan Tile and Stone offers a Selection of Natural Stone and Ceramic Tile
New Showroom at 4811 Hopyard Road Offers Tile, Stone, and Expert Advice

Mike and Gail Callahan's new Pleasanton store is scheduled to open in late January.

By George Walsh
Special to NETWORK

In any building design or improvement project, attention to detail helps to create professional-looking results. High-quality materials and advice on their use can also be a tremendous help in attaining a job that is completed to your satisfaction. If your project includes tile, a new addition to the Hacienda community may be of assistance: Callahan Tile and Stone at 4811 Hopyard Road.

“My husband Mike Callahan has been in the tile industry since 1982 and my background is in interior residential design,” says Gail Callahan, co-owner of Callahan Tile and Stone. “Our customers include homeowners, tile contractors, general contractors, architects, and interior designers.”

Callahan Tile and Stone has been in business for over five years at its San Leandro location and opened its new location in Hacienda this month. While Callahan’s warehouse is located in San Leandro, the company’s Pleasanton store is a 3,000-square-foot retail showroom where interested parties can shop for tile that suits their needs, along with receiving advice about their projects. “The new store features a huge selection of natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tile, as well as ‘art tile,’ that includes metal tile, glass tile, tile that integrates tumbled stones, and even mosaics,” Callahan says. “Because of my design background, I’m always on the lookout for things that are really new and interesting.” In addition to pre-made tile, Callahan Tile and Stone offers also offers granite and marble fabrication for countertops. The company assists its clients in selecting a natural stone slab and then provides fabrication and installation of the finished product.

Gail Callahan’s background also comes into play in the area of serving customers. “What sets us apart is that we really try to provide a design service regardless of the size of the project,” she says. “I’m available by appointment as well as on a walk-in basis for consultation. The number of products we offer can be overwhelming, so customers typically do need assistance. We work with each client to create a custom design for them and try to consider their specific needs, such as quality and price. We spend a lot of time with people to help them pick out tile, and can even provide a layout for the contractors who will be doing the installation so that the job is completed as expected.” In addition to Gail Callahan’s expertise, many of the other employees at Callahan Tile and Stone’s showroom also have backgrounds in design.

While Callahan Tile and Stone has been successful in its established East Bay location, the Callahan’s are excited about opening their new Hacienda showroom. “We wanted to be in Pleasanton primarily because it’s our home town,” Callahan says. “It’s wonderful to be running a business in our own community.”


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