Published June 21, 2005
Volume 13, Number 6

7-Eleven Moves Administrative Offices to Hacienda
11,000 Square Foot Facility Will Serve 300 Franchises in Bay Area

Jim Wahl and Denis Daly of 7-Eleven get accustomed to their new offices on Hacienda Drive.

By George Walsh
Special to NETWORK

7-Eleven, Inc., the world's largest operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience stores, has opened administrative offices in an 11,000 square foot office space in Hacienda. The new facility at 4301 Hacienda Drive will provide services to 300 local franchises in the areas of real estate, franchising, loss prevention, human resources, merchandizing, quality control, and training. It will also serve as a meeting place for field consultants who act as the company’s direct contact to its franchise operators and a training facility for franchisees. The office is part of 7-11’s Mid-Pacific Division, which has offices in Fresno, Sacramento, Reno, and Las Vegas. Overall, the division serves the needs of 730 stores.

“We’ve had offices in the immediate area for 25 years, but we’d been in our old location for so long that it no longer fit our requirements,” Greenland says. “This space better met our needs. It was also a good time to move from an economic standpoint, and the location is excellent. It gives us easy access to the freeways, which is convenient for our employees and field consultants, who come here from a number of different areas. This office’s primary purpose is to serve as a contact point for the people who deal with our franchises and franchise issues in the Bay Area. We then bring the franchise programs out to the stores via the people who report here.” 7-11’s facility in Hacienda will be the full-time workplace for 22 employees.

While 7-Eleven has traditionally been known for its Big Gulps, Slurpees, and coffee, the company and stores themselves are evolving to serve customer demand. “A lot of what goes on in this office is related to the changes in our business,” says Tom Greenland, real estate manager for 7-Eleven’s Mid-Pacific Division. “Our new stores focus very much on fresh foods. We have an off site commissary that makes and delivers doughnuts and sandwiches to our stores every single day and the merchandizing people here are involved in the fresh food delivery process as well as quality control.”

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 1927 as an ice company, 7-Eleven pioneered the convenience store concept during its early years when its ice docks began selling milk, bread and eggs as a convenience to customers. The name 7-Eleven originated in 1946 when the stores were open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Today, offering customers 24-hour convenience, seven days a week is the cornerstone of 7-Eleven’s business.

Approximately 5,800 convenience stores operating under 7-Eleven umbrella are operated and franchised in the United States and Canada. Together, these stores serve approximately six million customers daily. Each store's selection of up to 2,500 different products and services is tailored to meet the preferences of local customers. Stores typically vary in size from 2,400 to 3,000 square feet and are most often located on corners for the greatest visibility and easiest access.


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