Published September 20, 2005
Volume 13, Number 9

Artistic Dental Care Gives Patients Something to Smile About
New Facility, to Open in October, Offers State-of-the-Art Technology, Care

Artistic Dental
Dr. Fung Shuen, seated before a computer monitor displaying a dental X-ray,
is looking forward to the opening of Artistic Dental Care next month.

By George Walsh
Special to NETWORK

According to the American Dental Association, the four keys to maintaining dental health are brushing your teeth twice a day, cleaning between your teeth daily with floss or an interdental cleaner, eating a balanced diet and limiting between-meal snacks, and visiting your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and oral exams. While the first three preventive measures are in your hands, the fourth is a type of care that can only be provided by a dentist. If you’re seeking out the missing link in your dental care regimen, you may want to check out the services of Artistic Dental Care at 4695 Chabot Drive.

“I’m qualified to treat just about anybody who needs general dentistry,” says Dr. Fung Shuen, the current sole proprietor of Artistic Dental Care. “Both children and adults are welcome. I am qualified to do X-Rays, checkups, cleanings, extractions, dentures, bridges, crowns, root canals, veneers, and all other phases of dentistry.” Dr. Shuen has been a dentist for over 10 years, providing services in a number of different locations including San Francisco and Oakland. She received her dental degree from the University of Iowa, along with advanced training at the University of California San Francisco.

Artistic Dental Care will open in October of this year. Initially, Dr. Shuen will be the only dentist in the firm, but the 1,800 square foot office is large enough to accommodate a larger staff in the future. Shuen is proud of her new office and happy to be in the park. “I like the area,” she says. “Hacienda is a major corporate and business center. It’s also close to BART, and offers access to the freeways, so it’s very convenient for my patients.” For new patients without insurance, Artistic Dental Care offers a free exam and a discount. For seniors, Dr. Shuen also offers a discount. Artistic Dental accepts most types of dental insurance.

Dr. Shuen makes every effort to keep her patients comfortable and safe. “We have all new equipment here and offer personal, private rooms for treatment,” she says. “We also have the latest X-Ray machines to minimize the amount of radiation to which the patients are exposed. I believe that most patients can be taught to handle their fear of dental treatment. I’ve treated a lot of children and even they can be taught to relax if you take the time to explain the procedures to them.”

Dr. Shuen is also a firm believer in the ADA’s recommendation of seeing a dentist regularly and treating any dental issues as soon as possible. “It’s better to have a regular checkup and a cleaning every six months than to wait until you have a problem,” she says. “Prevention is always better than treatment.”


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