Published October 18, 2005
Volume 13, Number 10

Pleasanton Art League Supports Visual Arts Activities, Education

“The Pleasanton Art League is dedicated to making the visual arts an integral part of the fabric of life in the Tri-Valley Area, and encourages an environment that embraces creativity and its expression,” reads the Pleasanton Art League’s statement of beliefs and, in their case, it’s clear that their actions reflect those beliefs.

The Art League, founded in 1969, focuses its activities in two main areas: arts education and increasing the visibility of art within the community. Their impressive efforts offer something to everyone, whether they’re a working professional artist, a hobbyist, a beginner, or even a child who is just beginning to explore their creativity.

“Our goal is to keep the arts in Pleasanton viable,” says Pat Smith, the group’s president. “We do workshops for adults and some of our artists go into the schools and help teach art to children. We have monthly meetings in which there’s a demonstration by a prominent artist—it can be weaving, quilting, watercolor, oils, all the media.”

For example, Theresa Saia will be putting on a workshop on creating art with watercolors and pastels on December 1–4. Already scheduled for next April is a workshop on plein air landscape painting in oil and pastel by Richard McDaniel, an artist whose work is visible in a number of museums and prestigious private collections around the country.

Smith is particularly proud of the work that the organization does with local schools. “If you have a balance in your education to children, art can be a wonderful outlet for them to learn to express themselves in new ways, so we like to help out as much as we can,” she says. In addition to assisting teachers in local schools, the Art League puts on art workshops for children each summer. This year, for example, workshops focused on drawing, paper making, making monotype prints, and painting techniques.

While the Pleasanton Art League’s workshops are open to the public, membership is encouraged and appreciated. Members receive a monthly newsletter, Portfolio, which provides updated information on workshops, art shows, and other activities. Members are also provided with access to the group’s online art gallery.

In addition to the virtual gallery, members also get the opportunity to display their work in public. A number of local businesses, including Hacienda’s Realty Experts, participate in the group’s Public Art Circuit. Artists hang their artwork at participating businesses with a label identifying the artist, title, and medium, and it remains there until the following quarter when new art is installed.

For additional information on the organization, check out their web site at pal-art.com or e-mail pal-art@abac.com. Companies interested in participating in the Public Art Circuit or in hosting larger art shows are invited to contact the Art League.


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