Published November 15, 2005
Volume 13, Number 11

Tanner Insurance Continues Growth at Hacienda
Long-time Tenant Expands from 22,000 to 34,000 Square Feet at 4480 Willow Road


By George Walsh
Special to NETWORK

Tanner Insurance Brokers has announced that it has moved its Pleasanton operations from a 22,000 square foot facility at 4670 Willow Road to a new 34,000 square foot space at 4480 Willow Road. Acquired in 2003 by Union Bank of California, Tanner is one of three large agencies held as part of UBOC Insurance, Inc., a unit of UnionBanCal Corporation’s Union Bank of California subsidiary. Tanner Insurance is one of the largest full-service independent brokerages of property and casualty insurance products in California. The firm has 120 employees in Hacienda Business Park and nearly 300 in its own subsidiaries, with plenty of room for expansion in its new location.

Tanner Insurance Brokers was founded in 1982 by Steve Tanner, starting out with only two people on its staff. The company and its own subsidiaries now boast annual revenues of $25 million. California-wide, UBOC Insurance currently realizes $80 million in revenue, which represents almost one billion dollars in written premiums through various insurance carriers. Tanner Insurance is the fifth largest insurance broker in California and the thirty-first largest in the U.S. The company moved into its original Hacienda location in 1998.

“We’re a full-service broker in Pleasanton that acts as a consultative broker to our clients,” says Ken Sturm, Tanner Insurance’s chief operating officer. “We offer lines of insurance that address property, casualty, life, health, workers compensation, and personal coverage. In addition, we have an employee benefits department, a surety bond department, and programs that allow our clients to be represented either through self-insurance or in tandem with other, similar types of businesses. We have access to virtually every insurance carrier in the U.S., along with world-wide affiliations through which we can insure companies that have international operations.”

Other services offered by Tanner include loss analysis, where the firm works with carriers to make sure their clients are represented properly and that claims are adjusted fairly and appropriately. Tanner also has safety specialists who will work with its clients to minimize the potential for loss. “We offer all of the things a very large broker would provide and yet we’re still small enough to represent the individual client with the kind of relationship they look for in a smaller brokerage,” Sturm says. “That was Steve Tanner’s original vision in starting the company and he was the one who helped us to grow the company into what it is today. “

Tanner Insurance and its sister companies in UBOC Insurance have plans to nearly double the group’s revenue in the next three years from $80 million to $150 million through acquisitions, additional hires, and opportunities that will present themselves from their affiliation with Union Bank of California. Sturm expects even more growth. “We’re not content to stop at doubling our revenue,” he says. “With the right people on this bus, the opportunities that we have through Union Bank, and the acquisition of additional talent in production and management, we expect to grow even further.”


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