Published April 17, 2007
Volume 15, Number 4

Post Office Keeps Pace with Electronic Age with New Self-Serve Kiosks

Postmaster Gurjant Khosa, right, helps a customer use one of 
Pleasanton’s new Automated Postal Centers.

By Barbara Lewis

Imagine being able to stop by the Hacienda post office at 8:30 p.m. and mailing the proposal package you have just completed or the birthday gift you forgot to send to your son at San Diego State.  Imagine: 1) receiving information about all of the mailing options that will guarantee your desired arrival date, 2) obtaining the zip code of the recipient and 3) getting your Delivery Confirmation coupon as well as a receipt for your payment  -- all without interfacing with a human being.  In reality, scenarios like this are becoming commonplace at the Automated Postal Centers (APCs) recently installed at Pleasanton’s Hacienda location at 4682 Chabot Drive, as well as at the main post office on Black Avenue.

Since 1990, Hacienda’s 5,040 sq. ft. post office of has provided comprehensive service to businesses and residential customers. Now, the newly added APC self-service kiosks offer 80% of the most common transactions traditionally handled at the full-service windows – package shipping, letter mailing, stamp purchasing.  Postage information for multiple mailings and international shipping, as well as Express Mail forms, is available.  The best feature?  APCs are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 

“Within the first 30-60 days of APC installation, postal employees will be on hand six to eight hours a day to assist customers in using the APC,” says Postmaster Gurjant S. Khosa.  “We’re sure our Hacienda customers will embrace the new technology very quickly.  It’s so fast and easy that once you use it a couple of times, it’s second nature.

“I know our customers will appreciate seeing all the mailing options right before them and being able to make the choice that is best for their needs.  In addition, they’ll be shown an approximate date their letter or parcel will be delivered at its destination and will be offered insurance every time.”

At APCs, payment may be made by debit or credit card. Debit transactions must be made individually while up to ten credit card transactions may be completed at one time. Mail will be collected every day at the main Post Office and Monday-Saturday at Hacienda.

“The addition of the APCs is just the latest improvement the Post Office has made to address the needs of our business customers, in particular,” adds Khosa. “Others are our online Click-n-Ship, Carrier Pickup™ and Pickup On Demand® services. Using them, business customers can visit www.usps.com and arrange to have their letters and parcels picked up at their office at the time of their regular mail delivery or a specified timeframe of their choice.

“Customers will see many more changes in the next five to ten years as the Post Office works to serve the public more and more efficiently,” Khosa concludes. “This is the age of automation and technology and the Post Office is definitely a part of it!”


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