Published April 17, 2007
Volume 15, Number 4

USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy to Open New School in Park
Goal of Wu Chi System is to Nurture and Develop the Complete Martial Artist

 Hacienda location of the Fremont based Wu Chi Kung Fu

By Heidi Massie
Special to NETWORK

The Fremont-based Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy will expand its teachings to Pleasanton, opening a new school at 5682 Stoneridge Drive, Suite B, at Hacienda Plaza.  The grand opening is expected in early May. 

Academy owner Master Tao He, a 7th degree Black Belt, is excited about the new school.  “Our school in Fremont has many students from the Pleasanton area who have been making a long commute in order to take lessons,” says He.  “We wanted to expand the school’s reach by opening another academy in which these students could continue their martial arts study in a familiar environment, while being able to share our school with new members.  Hacienda is such as nice and positive area to set up a new Kung Fu school that there was no reason to look further.”

The USA Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy was founded in the Bay Area in 2001 by He as the first American Institution of the Wu Chi system.  Though the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu originated several thousand years ago, the unique Wu Chi system of Kung Fu is a recent integration of many different styles of external and internal martial arts.  Created by Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang after 60 years of training, competitions, and judging experience, the goal of the Wu Chi system is to nurture and develop the complete martial artist.  Training consists of six components of Chinese martial arts: Kung Fu routine training, Sanshou or Chinese kickboxing, take down and ground fighting techniques, Tai Chi, pressure point attack, and internal power training.

He explains, “We teach our students a well rounded amount of short and long range fighting techniques, self defense, a development of alertness and concentration and ultimate control of one’s body.”

Kung Fu has gained popularity in the United States, primarily due to movies with martial arts stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li.  But Master He says that there is much more to Kung Fu than meets the eye.

“Kung Fu is more than what someone sees in a movie,” explains He.  “It is hard work and discipline that is a reward in itself. To understand the gratification of your own physical accomplishments is what we want to express at the school.”

Several events will highlight the grand opening at Hacienda Plaza.  The academy will hold a Wu Chi Kung Fu demonstration at the new location featuring students from the Fremont academy and will offer a free one-week lesson so that individuals can try out the classes.  During the summer, the academy will host a summer workshop with one of the school’s masters.

For more information about the Wu Chi Kung Fu academy, visit its website at www.wuchikungfu.com.


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