Published May 15, 2007
Volume 15, Number 5

  • The Olathe, Kansas school district has deployed a wireless LAN manufactured by Hacienda’s Trapeze Networks. The wireless network will provide mobility to over 26,000 students and 4,300 staff  across the district’s 50 schools and 8 support sites, spread over a 75 square mile area. Olathe District Schools, soon to be the second largest school system in Kansas, is using Trapeze Networks RingMaster management software to plan, deploy, monitor, and optimize its wireless LAN. RingMaster allows ODS to manage their network from one location, where they can monitor performance and identify problems in real-time. The system also ensures comprehensive security of Olathe's network by identifying and mitigating potential rogue access points across all their sites.
  • On May 1, Hacienda’s Simpson Strong-Tie, the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) and researchers from the Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory at Washington State University launched a campaign to educate homeowners about how to protect themselves from deck failure as part of Deck Safety Month.

    “It is critical that all deck owners be familiar with the warning signs and contact a professional engineer or contractor with questions,” says Steve Pryor, P.E., S.E., building systems research & development manager for Simpson Strong-Tie. “Having the deck inspected will help identify problem areas and provide peace of mind as summer kicks into gear.”

    To assist homeowners in evaluating the safety of their deck, Simpson Strong-Tie has developed a special edition of its series of homeowner guides, “5 Steps to a Safer and Stronger Home,” which focuses on decks. The five steps include checking for the warning signs of an unsafe deck, knowing how weight and other forces affect the safety of a deck, ensuring the deck is built with a continuous load path, combating corrosion and knowing how to maintain a deck to prolong its life. To download the publication, go to www.strongtie.com/safedeck and click on “For Your Home.”
  • ELH Enterprises, a Hacienda company which specializes in gifts and collectables, will be manufacturing and distributing plush merchandise based on characters from the upcoming preschool television series The Wumblers thanks to a new licensing partnership with the show’s creators, the Giddy Gander Co.

    “All of us at ELH are very excited about the opportunity to work with Laura Wellington and Heidi Schwartz on the Wumblers,” says Richard Esposito, CEO of ELH Enterprises. “This is more than just a new brand; it is a great story for children. Both Laura and Heidi are fantastic to work with and show amazing passion and drive for this mission they call The Wumblers. We are looking forward to bringing exciting new product to the consumer.”

    The Wumblers, an innovative animated pre-school TV series designed to teach children about values and global consciousness is set to begin airing on both the Trinity Broadcasting Network and Smile of a Child Network in the Fall of 2007.

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