Published May 15, 2007
Volume 15, Number 5

Carbonfund.org Helps Businesses Reduce Carbon Emissions

Carbonfund.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to leading the fight against climate change, offers businesses an easy and low-cost mechanism to reduce carbon emissions. Carbonfund.org’s message of “Reduce what you can, offset what you can’t,” is the focus of their philosophy.

“Carbonfund.org was created to help reduce the affects of global warming,” says Senior Advisor Steve Offutt.  “We do that by offering businesses and individuals an easy and affordable way to reduce their carbon footprint to zero, which some call ‘carbon neutral’.”

When partnering with businesses, Carbonfund.org offers a number of services and resources to help the businesses reduce their carbon footprints.  A carbon footprint is the emissions that can negatively impact the environment as a result of running a daily business.  Carbonfund.org works with the business to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint.  Where reductions can't be made the business can purchase carbon offsets that are then invested in projects that reduce emissions.  This "offsets" the business' emissions that are unavoidable while running a business.

Carbonfund.org calculates a business’ carbon footprint and provides services and resources to offset various functions of the business such as energy use in office space, shipping and distribution, product manufacturing, events and travel. 

Why should a business seek out Carbonfund.org?  Offutt explains, “We believe that everyone bears a responsibility to protect our environment for future generations.  Many businesses take that responsibility seriously and are taking actions to reduce their climate impact.  In addition to improving energy efficiency in their business operations, another important action they can take is supporting efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.  We can help change our energy system from dirty energy, like coal, to clean energy, like wind.”

Carbonfund.org is the offset partner of choice for almost 200 businesses.  “Some of the reasons businesses tell us they chose Carbonfund.org is that we are a non-profit.  Some businesses prefer to work with non-profit organizations on programs that serve a public benefit,” adds Offutt.  “Carbonfund.org gives businesses a choice for how they want their donations directed. For example, funds may be used for renewables, energy efficiency or reforestation.”

Businesses that are currently partnering with Carbonfund.org include Dell Computer, Lancome cosmetics, and Orbitz.  Another, TourJet, is offsetting 100 percent of its business-related emissions and 100 percent of every chartered flight.

Carbonfund.org is introducing its services to Hacienda because of the park’s  environmental focus throughout its development.  “Hacienda has made aggressive efforts to improve its environmental performance, particularly with its excellent transportation services,” commented Offutt.  “Bringing environmental opportunities like Carbonfund.org to the tenants of Hacienda seems like a natural extension of the efforts already begun.”

The best starting point for a Hacienda business to access Carbonfund.org’s resources and materials is to visit its website at www.carbonfund.org and click on the Business tab.

Carbonfund.org was founded in 2003 as a direct-action organization to promote public action against climate change through the promotion of climate neutral living, carbon offsets and green power.  Carbonfund.org views carbon offsets and green power as key mechanisms to support projects in renewable energy, energy efficiency and deforestation.  Carbonfund.org focuses its activities on education, offsets and outreach. 


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