Published May 15, 2007
Volume 15, Number 5

EASi Brings Ease to Equity Compensation Programs
Equity Administration Solutions, Inc., Lets Companies Manage Programs Online

EASi’s management team oversaw 300% growth last year and
look forward  to the same in 2007.

By Heidi Massie
Special to NETWORK

Management of an equity compensation program, through a stock option plan or stock grant program, can be burdensome for companies.  Administration of the program, record keeping, accounting, working with third-party financial services providers and auditors are time-consuming and costly.  Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. or EASi, can provide all these services and more through its online Web-based equity management software solution, Equity Management System™. 

Since 2002, EASi has focused exclusively on building a single software product to set the standard for financial reporting and equity management.  That product, EMS™, is not only compliant with accounting regulation FAS123R, but also is broker independent, scalable and fully auditable.  EASi is recognized as the leader in stock option expensing solutions.

“We’re basically an Internet-based software company,” explains EASi CEO Vito Palmieri.  “Our accounting product tracks a company’s stock options and stock grants for employees, and provides reports for audits and other financial needs. It streamlines and simplifies the process.”

Thanks to broad customer acceptance of their EMS™ product, EASi has grown rapidly to reach a total of 80 direct customers representing over one million participants and partnered with some of the largest companies in the financial services industry.  As a result, in January, EASi announced the opening of its new worldwide headquarters at 4683 Chabot Drive in Hacienda. 

“We grew at a 300% clip last year and expect the same level of growth this year,” says Palmieri.  “We simply ran out of space.”  EASi chose their Hacienda location because it met their immediate growth needs.  “We were able to customize our location to accommodate our needs in a good quality building,” added Palmieri.

Now at 23 employees, the company plans to expand its business beyond the nation’s borders.  “Ninety-eight percent of our customers are in the U.S., with a few outside the country,” explains Vice President of Operations Steve Madeira.  “We’ll start growing more this year by expanding our business into Europe.”

Delivered as an online Web based solution, EASi’s EMS™ functionality is rapidly becoming an industry standard and is quickly and cost effectively replacing equity expense solutions done by hand or with undocumented spreadsheets.  Using a web browser and point-and-click functionality, companies can give employees, executives, plan administrators and third party intermediaries such as accountants, lawyers and brokers universal access to exchange, process and deliver information from anywhere anytime. 

To learn more about EASi, visit the company website at www.easiadmin.com.


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