Published May 15, 2007
Volume 15, Number 5

Pleasanton Police Department Partners with Hacienda for Workplace Security
New Police Chief Fraser Recommends Business Watch Program

Top, Pleasanton Police Chief Michael Fraser. Bottom left and right, Officer
Penelope Tamm of the Crime Prevention Unit works with both
businesses and the public to make Pleasanton a safer place.

Knowing you have a safe place to work gives you one less thing to worry about during the day and makes going to work less stressful.  That is the goal of the Pleasanton Police Department and Hacienda Security.  Together, these organizations work to help ensure your work environment, inside and out, is safe. 

“The Pleasanton Police Department has had a good relationship with Hacienda and its security staff for years,” says Pleasanton’s new police chief, Michael Fraser.  “I want to continue this relationship, working with the individual businesses and Hacienda Security to help maintain a good quality of life for employees and business owners at Hacienda.”

Fraser recommends each business at Hacienda take advantage of the department’s Business Watch Program to help beat crime.  “Our Business Watch Program has worked well for businesses, at no cost.  We send our folks to businesses and conduct a security survey that has been well received by companies.  It helps to better secure facilities.”

The program provides periodic emails to update businesses on crime prevention tips and recent activity in the city.  It includes presentations to employees about personal and business safety, and robbery prevention. 

“Pleasanton Police officers patrol Hacienda day and night, driving through lots and around offices,” explains Officer Penelope Tam of the department’s Crime Prevention Unit. “The Pleasanton Police Department wants to make the city a safe place in which to own a business and do business.  We believe in working in partnership with the businesses in our community and encourage business owners and managers to contact us if they have any concerns or problems.”   

Office Tam offers these tips to make your workplace safe and secure:

Secure your facility.  Be certain that all doors and windows are locked when the business is not occupied.  During business office hours, be sure that back doors are secure so that persons cannot enter the business undetected.  Openings such as skylights and roof hatches should also be secured to prevent entrance to the business.  Rooms or parts of your business facility that can be locked should remain locked to prevent unnecessary access.  

Visibility.  Make the front of your business visible to the public.  If you have posters or other items to display in the front window, place them so that you can still see out and the public can see in.  Keep the shrubbery around your business cut back to eliminate potential hiding places.   

Secure keys.  Create a system to control facility keys.  Make sure you have accounted for  all keys used to access your business facility and rooms. 

Visitor identification.  Have someone at the front of your office, either a security person or receptionist, who can control and track visitors throughout the workday.  Create a visitor sign-in/sign-out sheet and a process for issuing and collecting visitor passes.  Have visitor passes for contractors or other persons who are coming into your business.  Check employee identifications on a regular basis and be familiar with employees who work in the business.

Know occupants.  Become familiar with those individuals who have reason to be around your facility.  If you encounter someone that you do not know, approach him or her and ask if they need help.  Find out why they are there.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, advise a manager, call Hacienda Security or the police. 

Lighting.  Have sufficient lighting in and around your business.  Lighting is a deterrent to criminals and also makes the environment safer for employees. 

Alarm systems.  Alarms are the number one deterrent to burglaries. If you have an alarm system, make sure your employees know how to use it and know the pass codes. The City of Pleasanton has an alarm ordinance.  For information on the alarm ordinance, call the Crime Prevention Unit at 931-5233 or 931-5240. You can also find it at www.sterlingcodifiers.com/CA/Pleasanton/index.htm

Report needed repairs.  Create a system for employees to report a problem such as inoperable lighting or a door that does not lock properly.  Making reports of these issues in a timely manner can help keep your business a safer place and potentially prevent crime.   

Document shredding.  Have a system for shredding all paperwork that contains personal information about employees, customers or the business.  Take every precaution to prevent your business and your employees from becoming victims of identity theft. 

Personal safety at work

  • When away from home, at work or not, do not carry large amounts of cash and do not carry more credit cards than are necessary.  Be sure to keep account numbers and 800 numbers in a safe place, so you can call credit card companies and banks if you become the victim of a theft. 
  • Lock all personal items in a desk or locker when away from them. Secure laptop computers and shut down your desktop computer if you will be away from it for a long time.  Do not leave personal information visible on the screen while away from your desk.
  • Before you enter an elevator, look to see who is already there.  Stand near the controls.  If you do not feel comfortable, make an excuse and do not get on.  If you are on the elevator and the people getting on make you feel uncomfortable, get off. 
  • Park as close to your building as possible and in areas that are well lit.  If you must work late, move your car closer to the building before others have left or darkness falls.  If you have to work late or on weekends, work with a buddy, if possible.  If you must work late and alone, advise someone of your plans.  If you are alone at night and not comfortable leaving alone, ask security to escort you to your car.  
  • If you travel at night or far from home, take a cellular phone. If necessary, call the local police 925-931-5100 non-emergency phone number, not 911. All 911 calls placed from cellular phones are routed to the local CHP office and the operator will not automatically know who or where you are. The operator must determine and then transfer your call to the appropriate local police jurisdiction, which causes delays.
  • When in your car, keep your doors locked and windows up.
  • If there are people loitering near your car, get someone to accompany you to your car and stay until you drive off.
  • If you are being followed, go to any open public establishment, go inside, and call 911. Or call police from your cell phone, if you can do so safely.

Contacting the Police.  In case of an emergency, call 911 from a regular phone.  If calling from a cell phone or for general information, call (925) 931-5100.  Call Officer Tamm in the Crime Prevention Unit at 925-931-5233 or email ptamm@ci.pleasanton.ca.us with questions regarding crime prevention, brochures and the Business Watch Program.

Hacienda Security
Hacienda Security provides the basic day-to-day security at the park. Officers provide comprehensive high-visibility patrols 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Hacienda uses security officers as one of the best deterrents to crime, accidents, vandalism and malicious mischief through their visibility. Their objective is to help protect both private property and property managed by Hacienda.

Hacienda Security can be reached 24 hours a day.  To contact a security officer, use Hacienda’s voicemail/paging system by calling 925-734 6520.  Your message will immediately page a security officer.  You can also reach Security by e-mail at security@hacienda.org and your note will be forwarded to the Lead Security Officer.

A complete description of Hacienda’s Security program is available online at www.hacienda.org/services/services_security.


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