Published October 16, 2007
Volume 15, Number 10

Diablo Valley Fitness Offers Personalized Fitness Training
New Center Provides Individual Coaching in a Private, Intimate Setting

Cathie Wong, left, provides personalized fitness training programs which
combine elements of Kinesis (seen above), Pilates, and Cardio.

By Heidi Massie
Special to NETWORK

Diablo Valley Fitness opened its doors this month with a grand opening event that gave visitors a look at a different kind of fitness experience. This new fitness center, located at 5635 W. Las Positas Boulevard, Building 4 Suite 410, offers a unique spa-like setting and state-of-the-art equipment with personalized training from owner Cathie Wong.

“Diablo Valley Fitness is a small, intimate setting allowing me to give clients my personal attention,” explains Wong. “The fitness center is unique in that it is not a typical large, crowded gym where many people may feel overwhelmed and intimidated. It’s perfect for individuals who may feel self-conscious about their weight, have physical limitations or want individual coaching.”

Wong’s philosophy is that fitness is a state of well being consisting of optimum levels of strength, flexibility, weight control, cardiovascular capacity and positive physical and mental health behaviors. This philosophy, which permeates throughout the fitness programs she designs for clients, is rooted in her martial arts training that began at age seven. At age 15, Wong became interested in weight training to improve her strength for martial arts and competitions. Her love of fitness and weight training led her to become a personal trainer, which she has been doing for 25 years.

“Seeing the positive changes in clients as they dedicate themselves to physical improvement is what I love about my job,” says Wong. “You can see people’s confidence and self-esteem improve right along with their endurance, strength and well being.”

To meet the physical goals of strength, endurance, flexibility, Diablo Valley Fitness’s training programs consist of three components: Kinesis, Pilates, and Cardio.

“Kinesis is based on free and natural movements,” explains Wong. “The Kinesis workout is good for people who want a full body workout that executes balance and flexibility. It’s great for people who love sports that require a lot of bending and twisting such as golf or tennis.” According to Wong, Kinesis equipment is usually found only in high-end fitness clubs and spa resorts. She believes that her fitness center is the only small facility in northern California that offers access to this unique, state-of-the-art equipment.

Pilates, which is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body, along with cardiovascular training for muscular and aerobic endurance, round out the fitness system that meets with Wong’s fitness philosophy.

Another unique feature to the center is a new piece of cardio equipment called a Wave machine. Similar to an elliptical cardio machine in appearance, the Wave is designed to work the hip muscles along with the legs and heart as the feet move in a skating motion. “This is another machine you won’t find in a large fitness gym,” says Wong. “It is great for cross-trainers and especially tennis players.”

Wong also believes that clients should have fun and feel good, and so throughout the year, Diablo Valley Fitness will host a number of events. For example, in November, Diablo Valley Fitness will have a fitness wear shopping day at Nordstrom’s before the store opens for regular business. Later that month, Wong will hold a jewelry show at the fitness center.

For more information about Diablo Valley Fitness training programs and events, visit www.diablovalleyfitness.com or call Cathie Wong at (925) 598-9858.


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