Published November 20, 2007
Volume 15, Number 11

Herocare Comes to Northern California to Help Public Servants Meet Financial Needs

Local heroes of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties now have a resource to help them meet their cost of living needs through Herocare – a non-profit organization that assists local public servants with financial needs such as housing, insurance and financial planning. Tom Wardrope, Program Director for Herocare, introduced the service to Northern California earlier this year.

“Most of us would agree that a teacher, police or firefighter, soldier, or other public servant fits the definition of a hero: a person who is admired for noble qualities, one who has made sacrifices, and regarded as a role model,” says Wardrope. “But many of our local heroes find themselves financially strapped, especially in a high cost-of-living area like Northern California.”

Herocare connects employees and retirees of government, school systems, colleges and universities, medical and emergency services and members of the military with professionals in home lending, real estate, insurance and financial planning. These service affiliates have contracted with Herocare to offer public servants in need substantial discounts that are not available to the general public.

Wardrope explains how Herocare works. “When a local hero calls Herocare’s toll-free number, they talk with a ‘concierge’ who acts as their advocate, helping them find the services they need. The concierge facilitates the connection between the hero and a service affiliate in their area.”

Herocare, which is free of charge to public servants, screens professional affiliates in the various financial and home-ownership fields, for quality, experience and integrity. “All of the affiliates are screened, interviewed, and undergo background checks so that heroes who use the program know that the affiliates can be trusted,” says Wardrope.

Herocare was founded in Florida in 2005 by Lane Houk, a financial services professional and veteran of the U.S. Army Medical Corp, who wanted to start a non-profit organization to help public servants meet their financial goals in the communities in which they work and live. Wardrope, who has made a successful career in the mortgage lending industry, learned of this program last January and volunteered to be the program director for Alameda and Contra Costa counties as a way to give back to the community.

“There’s nothing not to like about the program,” says Wardrope. “Most affiliates in the local network are lenders, real estate agents and financial advisors who have successful careers, and their involvement in the Herocare network gives them a chance to help the heroes in our community.”

As Program Director, Wardrope is looking to grow the local professional affiliate network and urges those who have connections in the community with local service groups to contact him about working with Herocare.

“If we can do things to help these heroes stay in the community, so that they can live and work here, it’s a plus for their employers and the community as a whole,” adds Wardrope.

Public servants who want to access Herocare services can call 877-HERO-411 (877-437-6411) or visit www.herocare.org. Professionals interested in joining the local affiliate network can contact Mr. Wardrope at (925) 474-1125 or twardrope@herocare.org.


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