Published November 20, 2007
Volume 15, Number 11

Individual Software Provides Award-Winning Products for Consumers, Business, Education

By Barbara Lewis

Founded in 1981, Individual Software is a leading publisher and developer of award-winning education, business, and personal productivity software for consumers, schools, corporations, and government agencies. Individual Software has empowered home and office computer users to excel in their daily lives, and has provided essential computer training and career development solutions to thousands of Fortune 500 corporations, colleges and universities, and workforce development centers.

Individual Software was founded by Jo-L Hendrickson, the company’s chairman and CEO, who recognized that people were eager to take advantage of the power of the personal computer and realized the need for basic information and computer training. Hendrickson led the development of Individual Software's first product, PC Instructor, which is widely recognized as the first commercially-successful, PC-based training software. Subsequent products, such as the Professor Teaches series and Typing Instructor helped the company grow during its first decade.

In 1989, Individual Software expanded into personal and business productivity software with ResumeMaker, the first of its personal productivity product line. Individual Software's products have dominated the career development software market ever since. In 1992, Individual Software introduced AnyTime Organizer, the #1 best-selling personal organizer, and the popular genealogy product, Heritage Family Tree.

Individual Software continues its success with consumer products, capturing market shares within its respective categories in the consumer retail channel. The dominance of the Professor Teaches series, continued success of ResumeMaker, and addition of the Total 3D Home and Landscape suite of products have been major accomplishments.

Recently, the company developed a business training division to provide training solutions for corporate needs. With the proliferation of the Internet, Individual Software has transitioned its career development and training solutions into Web-based services, allowing users to access these products and services directly through the Internet. Corporations can also provide training to employees via their intranets or networks.

Individual Software's top customers include retail partners such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, Fry's Electronics, Wal-Mart, and Target. Corporate clients include United Airlines, Right Management, Spherion, Bayer Corporation, Advantage Human Resources, Intel, and Blue Cross.

Educational institutions including KAPLAN, Corinthian Colleges, University of Washington, Georgia Tech, University of Colorado, and Alabama State University have found successful solutions with Individual Software, as have government agencies such as Iowa Workforce Development, New York Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and Houston Works.

Headquartered in Hacienda at 4255 Hopyard Road, #2, Individual Software continues to provide innovative, modern solutions that help people and businesses achieve their goals. As one of the top twenty-five personal productivity and business software companies in the United States, the company offers more than 100 software products and services that are affordable and of high quality.

Over the past 20 years, the company has won numerous awards from industry associations, publications, resellers, and distributors for its desktop software and Web-based solutions. Recently, the East Bay Business Times recognized Individual Software as the 12th largest software company in the East Bay, based on its 2006-2007 revenue of $12 million.

Detailed information about Individual Software is available at www.individualsoftware.com.


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