Published December 18, 2007
Volume 15, Number 12

Pleasanton Chamber Welcomes New CEO Scott Raty

Scott Raty took the helm of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce earlier this month as the organization’s new President and CEO. Raty succeeds Dave Bouchard who led the Chamber since 1998. But Raty is not new to the Chamber, or the city of Pleasanton, where he was head of the Chamber from 1985-1989. He is returning to the post after serving 14 years as the president of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce. Overall, Raty has more than 20 years experience in the Chamber business.

“I have been in the Chamber business for many years, but I am also a thirty-year resident of Pleasanton, and I look forward to putting that unique combination to work for a great organization in a great community,” comments Raty.

The purpose of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership in improving the city’s business environment. Its focus is on building a unified business community, promoting an environment for business retention, growth, and success. The Chamber offers its members networking opportunities, advocacy through a unified business voice, educational opportunities to assist members in managing their businesses, and community service opportunities to enhance the socio-economic and cultural well being of the Pleasanton area.

Raty explains, “The Chamber is driven by and is responsive to local businesses of all sizes and types. We focus on overcoming obstacles to economic expansion and business growth, while promoting the community and representing the interests of business to government.”

To ensure the Chamber accomplishes these goals, Raty, along with his Board of Directors and staff, and with extensive input from the members, have begun work on a three-year strategic plan and vision for the Chamber. “While it’s not quite finished, I can share that we are focused on excelling at core competencies to ensure that all types and sizes of businesses can thrive in Pleasanton, while being the “go to” organization for all key sectors of the community.”

Being a member of the Chamber has many benefits. Businesses can take advantage of discounts on advertising, office supplies, legal and payroll services and telecommunications to name a few. Regular Chamber events such as monthly mixers and luncheons, tradeshow mixers and the annual Pleasanton Business Expo, offer business-to-business networking and promotional opportunities. In addition, the Chamber keeps abreast of local, state and federal issues that affect members. The Chamber also represents business interests on the Alameda County Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB) and the Tri-Valley Business Council.

“The Chamber is the only organization in town that is in business for business,” says Raty. “Not only do we offer many business support services, but we are also the business community’s advocate for a healthy business environment at the local, regional and state and federal levels of government. The larger the Chamber, the louder and more effective our voice can be.”

With respect to Hacienda businesses, Raty recognizes their key contributions to Pleasanton’s overall vitality. “Pleasanton did not become the East Bay’s premier address to live, work and raise a family by accident; it happened by design through many years of public and private sector teamwork. Hacienda Business Park is critically important to the entire community and I look forward to working with the many outstanding companies that proudly call Hacienda and Pleasanton their home.”

For more information about the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce and membership, visit its web site at www.pleasanton.org.


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