Published March 17, 2009
Volume 17, Number 3

Barranti Law Group Serves Full Spectrum of Business Needs

Kirsten Barranti specializes in small business law.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

It says something about the way Kirsten Erath Barranti, Esq., practices law that even though her office is right next door to the Alameda County Superior Courthouse, it is not a place she wants her clients to be,  and it is her job to keep them a safe distance away.

Founded in 2004, Barranti Law Group moved into the Hacienda Professional Building at 5674 Stoneridge Drive in September 2007. The firm is a solo practice with a network of experienced contract attorneys to tap when work flow demands. “My primary focus is on small business, whether litigation or transaction, from formation to advising about contract law and employment law,” she explains.

Once a company gets up and running, she becomes either outside counsel or general counsel, on call for important business advice. A fair amount of the practice relates to labor and employment. Especially when there is a potential termination in the offing, clients need to be concerned about whether their employment practices comply with the law. For example, employee time cards must document breaks and lunch time, she advises. Sometimes, doing a payroll audit is the best way to head off problems. “An audit would look at the company’s practices and document their procedures,” Barranti notes. “Then if any deficiencies were uncovered, there is the opportunity to correct them” as a proactive measure. 

Essentially, Barranti sees her work as risk management. “Attorneys advise clients on how to do things without ending up with a law suit in their lap. It’s like preventive medicine, eating properly so you don’t end up sick. You also have to take care of your business’s legal needs to keep it healthy.”

Barranti started her professional life as a nurse, serving for almost a decade in the Air Force reserve, so the medical analogy is instinctive. When she made the shift to law school, it was the realization of a dream that started as a teenager watching the Watergate hearings.  She has since recognized that both professions share common elements. “There is definitely law in nursing, managing people, complying with health and safety codes. Every business is governed by laws.”

The medical background does help with her clients connected to healthcare, a list that includes medical device companies, physical therapists, physicians, and clinics. “Nursing taught me to an excellent listener. Nine times out of 10, people will tell you exactly what they need if you listen to them closely,” she observes.

More information on Barranti Law Group can be found at www.keblawgroup.com.  


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