Published March 17, 2009
Volume 17, Number 3

  • Equity Administration Solutions, Inc. (EASi), a developer of software for the management of independent stock plans, has released the first of three planned releases for 2009. Highlights of the newest version of the Hacienda company’s flagship software include continue to vest after termination, retirement eligibility accounting for stock options and stock appreciation rights, and import loading of historical ESPP purchases. Beyond these key enhancements, EASi introduced sixty minor enhancements and upgrades in response to customer requests.     

    “We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and creating a product roadmap that delivers what they tell us they want most,” says Mark Ebersole, chief technology officer for EASi. “We are starting the year with several upgrades that have universal appeal.”
  • Hacienda’s TRIA Beauty has launched an upgraded version of their TRIA Laser Hair Removal System that is faster and less expensive than last year’s original model. The product, now priced at $795, is the first and only hand-held laser for at-home hair removal cleared by the FDA and available for sale directly to consumers in the U.S. The new TRIA Laser represents the first next-generation advancement in the emerging at-home industry.“     

    Hair removal is a consumer need that has not seen any meaningful innovation in decades, and we are committed to bringing best-in-class technology that will finally offer consumers a solution they can use in the privacy of their home,” says Kevin Appelbaum, CEO of TRIA Beauty. “Perhaps most importantly, now consumers have an easy way to achieve lasting hair reduction, so that they'll never have to think about or deal with unwanted hair again.”
  • Shaklee Corporation, a nutrition company with headquarters in Hacienda, has launched a new, nationwide campaign — dubbed the Infinite Possibilities tour — to introduce the company and its products to a new audience.       According to company chairman and CEO Roger Barnett, Shaklee offers its members a revolutionary entrepreneurial opportunity to supplement earnings with part-time income--or to develop a full-time income--and gives people the potential to thrive, even during difficult economic times.     

    “We’re in the business of doing well by doing good,” Barnett says. “Shaklee has actually grown during the past seven economic downturns. Our economic growth, combined with products that make people and the planet healthier, make Shaklee a powerful force for good."
  • Trapeze Networks wireless LAN gear has been installed into the historic 156-year-old campus of the Institute of Notre Dame, an all-girls private high school in Baltimore. Trapeze, which is headquartered in Hacienda, successfully worked with a local contractor to configure the technology to work within a building constructed with 16-inch thick plaster-and-brick walls, all the while maintaining the school's architectural integrity. The installation, which only took two weeks to complete, includes 40 access points and covers more than 175,000 square feet of building plus additional outdoor areas.

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