Published August 18, 2009
Volume 17, Number 8

October Pillars of the Tri-Valley Event Promotes

Board Opportunities for Nonprofits

Most businesses readily acknowledge the indispensable role nonprofit organizations play in the well-being of a community, whether providing support for the arts or for those in need. Hacienda companies have a long tradition of contributing to local causes, but sometimes the public-benefit organizations themselves could use some help. A recently identified need to come into focus relates to recruiting skilled and experienced leaders to serve on nonprofit boards.

“The nonprofit sector is a vital part of the Pleasanton community, delivering critical services, improving local quality of life, and generating significant economic impact,” observes Debbie Look, the Campaign Director at the Pleasanton Cultural Arts Foundation. “We are always struggling to find and retain board members--there are so many different kinds of nonprofits, while people have such limited time.”

Another challenge in the nonprofit world is the limited opportunity for peers to get together to network and share ideas. “It’s hard to find venues for cross-fertilization,” Look remarks. With that in mind, Look and several other community leaders formed an umbrella organization, Pillars of the Tri-Valley, to help bring new performance solutions to the sector. 

Knowing that the region “offers a vast pool of talent with many individuals looking for unique ways to meaningfully contribute to their community,” the nonprofit leaders are taking a proactive approach to tapping that talent. The vehicle is a new kind of information exchange that will link prospective board members with the nonprofits that best match their personal passions.

The Pillars of the Tri-Valley inaugural event will take place Wednesday, October 21, at the Carr America Center, from 4 to 7 p.m. Hosted by the Pleasanton Community of Character Collaborative with underwriting support from Hacienda Helping Hands, the event will be similar to a traditional job fair. Dozens of local nonprofits will provide information on their role in the community, and their staff and board leadership will be on hand to discuss opportunities to participate.

“On the other side of the equation,” explains Look, “potential board members from the business community will have the chance to walk around and visit with the individual groups, getting a sense for their mission and what their needs are. If there is a match, they can have further discussions. It’s an informal, non-threatening way to explore potential opportunities without being regulated by the clock.”

Look urges Hacienda businesses to advocate for and send representatives to the event. “We’re really hoping to draw strong participation from companies in the park, and beyond,” she remarks, adding, “We see this event as a service. So many companies want to give back and encourage the involvement of their staff.  We’re providing them with an event where they can find out about many very diverse organizations in one place at one time.”

In addition to attending the event, there are many other ways that companies can provide support. For more information, visit www.trivalleypillars.org or contact Look at (925) 846-1007.


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