Published September 15, 2009
Volume 17, Number 9

  • Elluminate, Inc., a Hacienda-based provider of web, audio and video solutions for real-time online learning and collaboration, has released the latest version of Elluminate Plan!, a program which allows educators to organize and package content and activities before the live, online session, automating routine tasks and allowing instructors to focus on delivering material, facilitating interaction, and optimizing the online learning experience. The company states that the new release enables users to decrease session plan development time by 50 percent.     

    “Live interaction in the virtual classroom is key to transforming teaching and learning on a global level, but the eLearning landscape is evolving,” said Maurice Heiblum, the company’s president. “Elluminate’s ‘learning-edge’ solutions take educators beyond the virtual classroom with tools for session planning and post-session content distribution. Our solutions address activities across the entire instructional cycle, integrate with existing applications in the academic infrastructure, and scale easily from the department or campus level to complex, multi-campus, enterprise-wide deployments.”
  • Hacienda’s Veeva Systems has introduced VSpend, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for pharmaceutical companies designed to ease the burden of compliance with government regulations that mandate the tracking and disclosure of expenditures on individual healthcare professionals and organizations. Built on the Force.com platform, VSpend’s SaaS architecture ensures that all users are continuously working from the most recent release so that life sciences companies have the insight and reports they need to meet the very latest regulatory guidelines.    

    “The initial hurdle to achieving compliance is a data challenge, aggregating data from all of the disparate systems across an organization,” says Todd Snow, Veeva’s director of strategy. “It gets even more complicated when you factor in the varied and shifting regulations. As more regulations are enacted, only a SaaS application can effectively lower the total cost of compliance while enabling life sciences companies to keep up with a constantly changing regulatory environment.”
  • A team from SafeAmerica Credit Union’s Hacienda headquarters raised over $4,800 in the recent American Cancer Society “Relay for Life” event at Pleasanton Middle School. Relay for Life, the signature activity of the organization, provides participants with the opportunity to remember those lost to cancer while simultaneously raising funds for research towards more effective treatment of the disease. The SafeAmerica team was led by IT director John Gracyalny, who logged 34 miles in the event.

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