Published March 16, 2010
Volume 18, Number 3

Pyramid Screening Introduces Gen-2 Jobs Board, BulletHire.com          
"Automated Recruiter" Promises Faster Process to Identify Qualified Candidates for Hiring

Steve Ganesh, CEO of Pyramid Screening Technologies,
has launched a  new venture, BulletHire.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

Speed-to-hire is a constant concern for companies with open positions to fill. Those vacant seats cost employers lost productivity and, often, lost revenue. Especially when recruiting sales or service staff, reducing the time to hire of qualified candidates, even by a couple of weeks, can produce an uptick in the bottom line. The goal is to assemble, screen, and vet candidates as quickly as possible, says Steve Ganesh, CEO of Pyramid Screening Technologies at 5994 W. Las Positas Blvd.

Pyramid Screening has been in the staffing business for 15 years. Ganesh, who also founded the company, has always been looking for better ways to improve business through technology. Last summer he started rolling out a Generation-2 job board, BulletHire.com, which, as its name implies (think “faster than a speeding bullet”), significantly compresses that all-important interval between identifying and filling the hiring need. 

Explaining BulletHire’s innovation, Ganesh notes that, today, posting a position on the first-generation job boards can attract hundreds of applicants. “Anyone can apply. There doesn’t have to be a fit,” he remarks. That latitude means more and more screening time for employers. Instead, BulletHire.com incorporates proprietary technology that uses advanced find-and-match search algorithms, spidering across the Internet to target the right viable candidates.

“With a Gen-1 job board, a good recruiter can reach out to 20 applicants on a good day. Bullethire.com can reach out and screen 500 candidates per day,” Ganesh comments. “Our Gen-2 solution is like an automated recruiter. It knows what you are looking for and sources the Internet in your area to provide a much wider pool of candidates than the older boards.”

Jobs can be posted in just two minutes, and all the questions and key words are automatically generated by the technology. “Say, for example, someone needs a teller in Boise, Idaho,” he continues. “We can source 300 to 400 candidates overnight. They will receive email invitations to apply for the position. Maybe only 10 percent will be interested enough to apply, and out of these respondents, we will present the few who are qualified to the client within one to three business days.”

According to Ganesh, 80 percent of the staffing directors for big corporations have taken BulletHire.com for a test drive, finding it several levels ahead of what already exists.

“They say it’s the future of recruiting. I’m not sure about that, but it is the future of next-generation job boards,” he remarks. “Plus we have own data base of five million prescreened candidates. That alone puts us in the top 10 job boards in the country. Out of a total of roughly 3,000, we are perhaps in the top six.”

While Pyramid Screening continues to deliver customized search services, the growing BulletHire is on a steady path of expansion, a cost-effective hiring option in the shifting economy. In addition to finding qualified candidates for clients, it is also recruiting heavily to fill its own staff. “In the past couple of weeks I’ve hired five people,” says Ganesh, adding, “and I am looking to hire more.” 

For more information, visit www.bullethire.com.  


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