Published April 19, 2011
Volume 19, Number 4

  • Hacienda’s Visioneer, Inc., has introduced its first cordless mobile scanner. Dubbed the Visioneer Mobility, the device operates without a computer, cables, or drivers, scanning directly to an SD card or USB memory. Users simply press the power button, press a selector button to choose document type, and insert a document or photo. In addition to being Visioneer’s first mobile scanner, it is the first in the industry to be able to scan directly to smart phones, including Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices. The color scanner measures just 2 x 2.75 x 11 inches.    

    “Mobility is elegant in its simplicity and versatility. If you can insert a dollar bill into a vending machine, then you can scan using Visioneer Mobility,” said John Capurso, vice president of marketing at Visioneer. “Once you cut the tether to the computer, you open up countless possibilities for mobile document applications. Once the smart phone and tablet become your document connection to the web or your enterprise, all the rules change for mobile scanning. Mobility is a game changer.”
  • OpenVPN Technologies, an open source virtual private network (VPN) software developer headquartered in Hacienda, has entered into a partnership with TeamF1, Inc., a company which produces embedded networking and security software solutions for wired and wireless applications. The partnership will enable additional VPN alternatives for device manufacturers using TeamF1's SecureF1rst line of turnkey software solutions, which are currently used in a number of secure embedded networking devices for small and medium businesses and residential markets.    

    “We are excited about our collaboration with TeamF1,” said Francis Dinha, OpenVPN Technologies CEO. “TeamF1’s market leadership in the embedded networking and security software space lets us expand into the device markets that TeamF1 serves, and with a solid partner, makes OpenVPN even more accessible to end-users.”
  • Autonomy Corporation was recognized as an industry leader by Forrester Research in a review of Message Archiving Software. Autonomy scored the highest in the Current Offering category, as well as in the Vision and Product Strategy and Services categories.    

    “Autonomy Consolidated Archive offers the most complete product evaluated and it receives top marks for message capture, range of content types supported, message management, and supervision functionality,” the Forrester report reads. “The vendor's rich set of deployment models and depth of integrated eDiscovery functionality contribute to Autonomy's leadership position.”

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