Published June 21, 2011
Volume 19, Number 6

Pure Red Creative Brings Offices, Studios to Park 
Agency's Clients include Safeway, Lowe's Home Improvement, Michaels and Dollar General

Kevin Kincaid and Gina Ellis of  PureRed Creative in the firm’s
spacious Hacienda office and studio complex.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

The bright red biplane that zooms audibly across the screen when the website opens really gets your attention. Then comes the tag line: “Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.”  That mix of creativity and practicality is emblematic of the work of PureRed Creative, the advertising agency that recently settled into spacious new quarters at 5700 Stoneridge Drive. 

PureRed Creative (PRC) is one of three business units of the parent agency GAPRC Group, headquartered in Atlanta. “We are a national advertising firm whose work crosses all media channels and company types,” says Gina Ellis, the company’s marketing and sales director. “Our services include creative design, marketing strategy, branding, photography, pre-media, and interactive marketing.”

In business since 1967, GAPRC Group has eight offices in major cities around the country. “We usually open offices in the backyard of our clients,” Ellis comments. PureRed Creative moved from Livermore to Hacienda in April, bringing it not only closer to BART but also to its largest client, Safeway. “We have been working with them since 1995,” Ellis continues, adding, “We are fortunate to have long-term client relationships.” 

At 25,000 square feet, PRC’s new office provides a lot more space for its production artists and other creatives, allowing them to spread out and work in comfortable surroundings. The agency has also been able to boost the size of its photography studio and take advantage of plentiful natural light, when necessary. 

While PRC is known as the family’s creative brand, delivering front-end trade agency services such as marketing strategy, creative design, and photography, it also benefits from the strengths of its corporate siblings. The original GA entity focuses more heavily on the technical side--pre-media, printing, and asset management. “We produce 200,000 insert and catalog pages per year,” Ellis notes.

GA’s client base includes a medley of high-profile retailers--Dollar General, Michaels, Lowe’s, and Orchard Supply, to name just a few. Their stores carry thousands of products, each of which has its own photo and copy attached. The images and text are stored in a customized asset management system GA usually builds for each client. These databases make it easy to access and retrieve the content when it needs to be repurposed across channels, whether in print, for signage, or on the Internet.

The third brand is Atlanta-based GAPRC Interactive, which, with a staff of 30, is dedicated to digital strategy, web design/development, email marketing, social media content/strategy, and content for mobile.

In addition to an organizational structure that gives clients the choice of turnkey or individual services, the agency occupies a unique niche as a 100 percent employee-owned advertising firm, which keeps it competitive and motivated.

“In the last year our revenue has grown from $39 million to $50 million,” Ellis relates. “Retailers are looking for ways to see savings in their bottom line, and with our solutions that streamline workflows, improve asset management, and generate efficiencies, that’s where we come in.”

For more information about the firm’s services and portfolio, visit www.gaprc.com.


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