Published October 18, 2011
Volume 19, Number 10

  • Hacienda-based PACSGEAR has launched an expanded strategy to combine medical images from all departments with electronic health records. The company’s “PACS 2.0” initiative is designed as a new step in the evolution of medical image connectivity to include integration with electronic health records. In the past year, PACSGEAR has successfully integrated over 500,000 medical studies outside of radiology, and can now deliver integrated solutions that capture, view and share medical images and results across the enterprise. Over half of all U.S. hospitals now use PACSGEAR products.    

    “For nine years, customers have turned to PACSGEAR to solve basic document and imaging connectivity issues,” said Eli Rapaich, PACSGEAR’s CEO. “With the high-end video capture products from last year’s acquisition of assets from NAI Tech Products, we are ready to acquire medical images from all departments, whether they are digital camera photos from dermatology, endoscopic images from surgery, or video from speech pathology. In most hospitals, more than 20 departments produce medical images, but these images are typically not available to the enterprise. PACS 2.0 is the right strategy for PACSGEAR because it builds on our customers’ existing PACS infrastructure and meaningfully combines it with the EHR. We are excited to be sharing these solutions.”
  • BB&T Insurance Services, the nation’s sixth largest insurance broker, has expanded its California operations with the acquisition of Liberty Benefit Insurance Services of San Jose. Liberty, a full-service employee benefits broker founded in 1991, partners with large commercial clients in the San Francisco Bay Area to help them manage rising health care costs, changing regulations and complex benefits administration. In addition to large offices in Hacienda, BB&T Insurance Services operates California agencies in Folsom, Fullerton, Glendale, Irvine, San Diego and San Francisco.    

    “We’re excited about our expansion in California,” said Wade Reece, BB&T Insurance Services chairman and chief executive officer. “We’ve always said we have long-term faith in California, the No. 1 state for insurance values in the country and the 10th largest economy in the world.”    

    “We could not be more pleased to welcome an agency with the superior reputation for benefits expertise and client service that Liberty Benefit Insurance Services has,” said Martin Loth, president and chief executive officer of BB&T Insurance Services of California.  “For nearly two decades, Liberty has been relentless in finding new ways to ease what so many company executives will tell you is one of their largest burdens.”  

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