Published December 13, 2011
Volume 19, Number 12

  • Hacienda’s FunMobility has joined with FreeAppADay.com (FAAD) to create a new mobile application powered by FunMobility's FunChat Mobile Engagement Platform. As part of the launch of the new application, FAADChat, FAAD is offering Zombie Gunship, one of the best-selling mobile games of 2011, at no cost. FAADChat is available at funmobility.com/faadchat.    

    "FreeAppADay has built a very loyal audience by executing on a brilliant concept: working with game developers to give away their apps for free for a limited period," said Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility. "Their new FunChat-powered iPhone app gives them additional ways to monetize their offerings, while providing a more fun and engaging experience for fans."
  • Hacienda’s Visioneer, Inc., has introduced two new products for Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate scanners: DriverPLUS and Visioneer Acuity.    

    Visioneer DriverPLUS combines the features of advanced 32- and 64-bit native Windows-based TWAIN and WIA drivers PLUS new Visioneer Acuity optimization software and a sophisticated user interface. Visioneer Acuity is a collection of advanced document imaging enhancement tools that allow both manual and automatic editing of scanned documents as well as improvement of visual quality.    

    “Take a random stack of pages from your desk,” said Jon Harju, Visioneer CTO. “Unless they came directly from a laser printer, they probably have a few marks on them, highlighted notes, stamps, wrinkles or smudges, and even a page or two upside down. Turn on all the automatic settings and Acuity adjusts every image while scanning to a crisp and clear result.”
  • Bivio Networks has introduced an entry-level product addition to its family of Network Content and Control Systems (NCCS) for Safe Internet policy enforcement. With this addition, Bivio expands its portfolio of carrier-grade, subscriber-based parental control services to small and mid-tier ISPs and mobile operators and establishes comprehensive product coverage for ISPs and mobile operators managing speeds ranging from sub-1Gbps to 100Gbps and beyond.    

    “As Internet traffic continues to soar, broadband and mobile providers are finding it increasingly difficult to scale the infrastructure to enforce services such as parental control,” said Dr. Elan Amir, President and CEO of Bivio Networks. “Bivio is dedicated to helping service providers meet this demand head-on with a carrier-grade, safe Internet platform that is built for the carrier environment, and is both cost-effective to deploy and cost-effective to scale.”

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