Published January 17, 2012
Volume 20, Number 1

Cable-Maker Linoya Establishes First U.S. Presence       
Asia's Largest Cable, Cable Harness Producer Serves Big Names Like Sony, LG, Samsung

Darrell Miller serves as Linoya’s Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

By Nicole Zaro Stahl

Linoya Electronic Technology Co., arguably Asia’s largest manufacturer of wires, cable assemblies, cable harnesses, and general cable products, continues on a path to growth with the opening of the Linoya America office at 4695 Chabot Drive, its first presence in the United States.

The company was founded in 1997, under circumstances that echo the origins of some of the most celebrated Silicon Valley ventures. Ten years after an ambitious entrepreneur started making cables in a garage, Linoya now occupies a purpose-built 1.6 million-square-foot manufacturing facility and headquarters in the renowned Shenzhen Industrial Park.

Linoya has become a major vendor to both sides of the cable market, commodity and custom. Thanks to the steady stream of new electronic devices, commodity cables have become ubiquitous, and there are no signs that the demand to power or connect cell phones, printers, A/V cables, and networks will abate anytime soon. 

“We’re one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality cables and cable harnesses in the world,” remarks Director of Worldwide Sales and Marketing Darrell Miller. Annual sales of cables alone make Linoya 10 times larger than any of its competitors in Asia. 

Its customer base includes some of the leading names in electronics—Sony, LG, Samsung, and Phillips, to name just a few. Still, the company keeps a relatively low profile because most of its products are sold under others’ brands. It does have a carefully cultivated reputation for high quality, which, especially in this era of escalating copper costs, is a significant differentiator. Miller notes that some manufacturers are cutting down on the amount of copper in their cables, a move that definitely has a negative impact on performance.

“We are all about quality. We follow all international laws, regulations, and specifications, exceeding standard requirements. We’ve grown so large so quickly, and we’re considering a possible public offering in the future,” he states.

The company’s commitment to quality is also helping it to make substantial inroads in the engineering-intensive custom arena, populated by automotive, motorcycle, kiosk, and ATM manufacturers, among other industries. In discussions about what the company can do for new customers, “the fact that we do $500 million in cable manufacturing speaks volumes,” Miller comments. Prospects frequently want to learn more after hearing about the company’s growth trajectory, the depth of its engineering talent in Asia, and the span of certifications attesting to its expertise. 

With a strong emphasis on innovation as the way to remain competitive in the global business environment, Linoya invests a significant percentage of annual revenue in research and development. The company has many patents in the pipeline and has established a new product development center in partnership with Zhongshan University and Hunan University. To keep employees at the top of their game, it has also launched the MBA-like Chi La Si Management College, whose name, translating to “wolf-team,” illustrates how important knowledge and education are to the company’s culture.

For more information, visit www.linoyaamerica.com.

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