Published January 17, 2012
Volume 20, Number 1

Significant Tenant Activity is Hacienda Highlight in 2011    
Park Shows Absorption of nearly 350,000 Square Feet

Clockwise from top left: Mercedes-Benz of Pleasanton, which has begun planning
for a 2012 expansion; MetLife Home Loan; and Standard Pacific Homes.

Summary of Major Activity in 2011
  Mercedes-Benz      40,000 sf expansion of an existing facility approved

RE/MAX Accord

Major Tenant Activity
Aplegen                                     11,000 sf
Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu                        10,000 sf
iTradeNetwork                            34,000 sf
IntegenX                                    14,000 sf
MetLife Home Loan                     23,000 sf
Omron Network Products            18,000 sf
Pacific Office Automation            19,000 sf
Pure Red Creative                       25,000 sf
Re/Max Accord                          14,000 sf

Overall Tenant Activity  ~350,000 sf

IntegenX, one of several new tenants in the Britannia II complex
along with Pure Red Creative, Omron Office Products, and
Pacific Office Automation.

Lease Transactions
< 10K sf                                         90.20%
10K-50K sf                                       9.80%
> 50K  sf                                          0.00%

Space Absorbed
< 10K sf                                         44.76%
10K-50K sf                                     55.24%
> 50K sf                                           0.00%

 iTrade Network (left) and Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu (right). 

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